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Possible Fire Branch Balancing.

By KailoReaper - MEMBER - March 06, 2018, 00:06:27

I've been toying with the idea of indirect damage on Masqueraider for a long time.  I'll be the last person to say Mask isn't an op class in PvP but no mask can ever deny how underwhelming and badly synergized the fire branch has become (other than Psynape the anti-kite GOD spell).

So I present to you Whipped:
The entire fire branch is about the Masqueraider doing damage to its foes via flaming whips.  Ouch!  The problem is that they really don't hurt and end up being used as a utility or just ignored entirely.  The reason primarily being the stat drop from not stating into Single Target damage;  as the other two branches are 95% single target damage oriented spells.  However, the solution is not to make the fire branch single target but to give players an incentive to use it.  This is where the state Whipped comes into play.

After a Masqueraider successfully hits a target with a fire spell it will apply 10% (15% on crit) of the damage he dealt as a passive stat on his enemies called Whipped which will carry the value of damage done similarly to Sacriers flame return.  The state Whipped would need to be re-applied every turn and would have a cap of 2500.
Whipped could also be curable by Heals-Received (As well as life-steal).

Here are some example of how Whipped could be applied to spells:


Whipped would then need to be consumed by the use of certain WP spells such as Spittoon,  Psyk-Out,  or Casablanca. 
Alternatively, the Whipped state could be consumed by Dance of Death when the summon is in play and would consume the Whipped state on all targets present in the fight.  Meaning that a badly timed cast of Dance of Death could harm allies if they possessed the Whipped state:[/left]

When consumed Whipped would do its numerical value in Indirect damage,  meaning that Masqueraider would finally have a way to damage through shields. 

I think there are 2 ways this could effectively be applied to Masqueraider's fire spells:
1. The first would be additive.
This would mean that if the Masqueraider were to use Psynaps on a target dealing 1000 damage,  the target would then have a Whipped state with the numerical value of 100.  When the Masqueraider consumes Whipped the target would receive -100hp (Exactly) through armor and with no consequence of the resistance (Similar to Flame-Return).
Assuming your opponent had 5000 hp,  and you consume 100 of the Whipped state through the use of Dance of Death.  Your opponent will take 100 damage leaving them with 4900hp.

2. The second would be partial.
Similar to the first method however 10% of your damage would be stolen from the initial spell's damage output,  placing that numerical value on the opponent in the form of the Whipped state.
For Example, an Opponent with 5000 hp,  hit with a Psynaps dealing -1000 damage would hit the target for 900 damage instead but the opponent would keep 10% (100) of the possible damage dealt as the 100 of the Whipped state.

When going to Cure the Whipped state:
If a Target has 1000 Whipped and received a heal from an external source (Self-Heals do not count) The Whipped state is decreased by the same value of heals received.  Thus if the target with 1000 Whipped is healed for a value of 575 the effective Whipped state remaining would be 325 Whipped.  This could also be applied to life-steal which would give Masqueraider's more incentive to use Fire spells like Psykotik in Masqueraider vs Masqueraider combat.

All in all, I think this could be a unique mechanic that if properly implemented into the fire branch could add much-needed synergy to the fire branch.  This mechanic is also not game-breaking due to how little of the Whipped state that Masqueraiders would be able to generate versus tank characters like Feca's, Sadida's, and Pandawa's, however, it would give Masqueraider a way to damage through shields.  As it stands right now any class that can shield has an astronomic advantage over a mask in 1v1 PvP. 
Although,  Whipped could also add a refreshing dynamic to Masqueraider in PvM as would definitely promote the use of AoE spells on mobs and the use of Dance of Death. 

Let me know what you think because I am genuinely curious.  All feedback is welcome, however, I have a higher respect for the opinion's of Masqueraider mains and are more likely to respond to them.

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I love everything about this

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sounds like u just want more dmg

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I think that setting fire branch to be another DD branch doesn't add more fun to the class.. I would enjoy more a very ranged branch to make fire water ranged builds viable or something like that

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