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PvE Masqueraiders Build

By VenoMariXX - MEMBER - August 20, 2017, 00:14:45

So I started playing Wakfu again and decided on picking a masqueraider this time around. I really enjoy its gameplay although its very simple but I have one problem: I don't know if I'm playing it in an effective way and how I maximize my potential as a masqueraider. So now I'm asking if there's any good builds for masqueraider at the moment? I'm lvl 60 and play air/water spells. I've also read some guides in this thread but they all seem very outdated!

Thanks in advance!
Topenga (Remington)

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I might not be the best masqueraider, but I'm happy to help you!
ATM I'm using an air/water build, using every water spell, every air one except whipkick and psynapse as a positioning tool. The actives I use are classic mask, masked spirit and the dance of death in case something goes wrong or if the masked spirit uses all of its WP to resummon it back.
The passives I'm using are burst of wakfu (that wp regen is awesome, you can spam spittoon and classablanca all the time without worrying too much), artful dodger to get that sweet damage boost, the passive that gives a lot of dodge and fluctuation, which you get by completing the second set of quests at huppermage school at lvl 80.
Usually the first turn is classic mask > masked spirit and then I either start hitting hard with spittoon or use the spirit to get some collision damage depending on the enemy resists.
Hope it helped smile

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Thank you! Seems about how I play, except I use whipkick to get that extra backstab damage and use spittoon after for a good burst (in melee range for extra damage).

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Sadly Masqueraiders only start to be good when their passives reach lv2, before it they're just not impressive. So if you're feeling underpowered, don't worry, it's normal at low levels. And aside from it's date, this guide is pretty on point.

Edit: link corrected

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I think you send the wrong link :p

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