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How can we fix Psycho Mask?

By Azumite - MEMBER - April 07, 2017, 00:10:35

Let's be honest, fire branch isn't as good as water or air. Kunai with Chain Psynaspe is good, but the other spells either have bad ratios or aren't as good.
When I first started masq, way before spell decks, I was fire/water because it was cool and I thought air was for nerds (and it still is).
I'm hoping we can start a discussion about how to make fire branch/psycho mask at least as good as air to make it a viable damage option. 

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The three main issues plaguing AoE Masq are:
  • Accesibility: Building to use AoE comes at the cost of power in Single Target damage output, as you will be wanting to avoid ST mastery, additionally you will lose resistance due to gear differences and use of Psycho Mask. This effecively gates use of AoE behind a completely different build, and at the moment the payoff simply isn't worth it.
  • Reliability: Fire Masq lacks any reliable damage types except AoE, which you're not going to want to stack heavily because it is of no benefit to the Air and Water branches (ignoring Spitfall).
  • Synergy: The fire branch has no synergy with the other branches or any of Masq's passives, the only thing it gets from passives is double Flaming on Hornito from the worst passive at Masq's disposal, Classy Masqueraider.

I'll expand on the second point a bit, as a Fire Masq, you will obviously still be using the Air and/or Water branches, as such you can't stack AoE mastery - which would be a reliable damage type - or you'll weaken them, so you're stuck with Close Combat, Rear and Critical mastery. However all of these are unreliable:
  • As you'll be wanting to use Psycho Mask, you'll lose the crit% from Classic Mask making Crit Mastery less reliable, the only solution to this is using Classy Masqueraider, which costs a passive slot, and is itself unreliable due to being dependent on the Masked Spirit.
  • Rear mastery is unreliable as if you're wanting to AoE things, you're not going to be hitting the backs of all of them. 90% of the time they'll be facing in different directions, or positioned in such a way you can only secure the AoE while hitting their face, etc.
  • Close Combat is unreliable for the simple reason that parts of the AoE radius on Fracture, Psyk-Out and Psykotik lie outside melee range, making it impossible to benefit from it at these ranges.

We can then compare this to Air/Water Masq which can easily benefit from Single Target, Backstab, Close Combat, and Crit Mastery nearly 100% of the time. It becomes clear Fire Masq is stuck in a position where it cannot commit fully to AoE and as such is stuck half assing it with other secondary damage types, none of which are reliable.

A solution to both the issue of accesibility and reliability would be the Classy Masqueraider passive being scrapped, and becoming a Fire focused passive that converts ST mastery to AoE mastery akin to the CC -> Dist passive Sacriers have. This would solve both issues, as it would let Masq's focus on gaining ST mastery, and in doing so gain a reliable damage type regardless of their build and spell choices, meaning that those using Fire would not be stuck trying to stack non-optimal damage types and aiming for completely different gear choices. An objection to this may be that it curbs build variety, but as it is, barely anyone actually has an AoE focused Masqueraider, and they tend to be labours of love rather than an effective build, so the appeal to diversity has no basis to begin with. Furthermore it would create diversity within individuals builds, letting them utilize AoE when they feel it would be useful, making different decks, etc.

The passive itself could obviously have some other bonuses that help Fire Masq out, or introduce some mechanics to give Fire a more solid foundation, but the main issue is Fire's inaccessibility and lack of reliable damage types, and this passive would fix both.
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I like that idea.

My thoughts:

  • As above, a Single Target -> AOE passive is a good idea.
  • Through a passive: bonus Berserk Mastery based on Dodge with Psycho Mask active
  • Through a passive: Health regeneration for Psycho Mask for being near enemies at the end of your turn.
  • Perhaps, with Psycho Mask active, Hornito should generate a lock bonus based on the Masq's dodge. Not enough to make Masq a locker, but enough so that the Masq is more of an impediment in melee.

As elsewhere, I think the concept of the elegance bonus is salvageable, but it would definitely need a redesign, and I don't think its concept fits Psycho mask anyway. For Psycho Mask an "inelegance" bonus would make more sense.
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U can play with psyko mask eazily!!! ^^ i play it ( srry for my english)

1-Need to be played off tank ( hp on strengh+masterie all;heal masterie in chance+block(optionnal but i did; resist from major point is cool a lvl 125 ( can be replaced for 10% damage for savages))). Or else you wont be able to use ure full portential. Hornito with proc is the best ratio of zobal; Water spells can be used too with more facility due to ure natural better survivability.

2-Need to be associated to water mask to afford to ur double to double heal for AOE water heal spell ( costing 3 AP). With water mask u can really heal u from far away being in security or go in mlee to heal the both 2 character after rushing ur char ( alowing to go mellee with double to heal). need elemental investissement ( backstab damage form passive proc on bacstab heal)

3-Need +100 res from passiv who stack on dodge+no cc ( u can use hornito to proc the 100 res all turn or psyko aoe drain spell on urslef ( it give the buff); on melee (contact?) passiv which give 6% damage+ self heal each turn ( u can go near allis then use transposition with ure double ( healing u a switching emplacements then to not let u in aoe). As this u ll be able to gain a lot lot lot of survivability.

4-Need to stuff more tanki than glass canon ( so ure verry first turns can be slow but then *_* u lll trully make awesome damage due to % final damages staks)

Result : Uve got a totaly good char ( i play at lvl 143 finishing srambadd monster full life in mellee mode)

7719 Hp;53 % res ( 62 all turn with the +100 buff res); 32 block;20% cc;Near 30% damage 1rst turn ( 15 mask+10 major+guild); a verry good aoe sustain ( allowing u to attack and regen in same moment; pure clean; and verry good way to go where u want ( tp;dashes; coop; attraction AOE). If u use other passiv ( contact) u can reach 60% final damage with 5 turn (+ backstab ( % damage earn on it is already worth it).

It s more berzerk/heal than glass canon but at end it makes so much more damages and it s really hard to kill ( so much heal+sustain)

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I would like if you make a guide for fire zobal, i'm trying one, i'm kinda lost

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10 res+ %hp

20 hp point+ elementary masteri ( verry cool to proc on aoe heall spell wich allow u to get at end 75 mellee demages free ( worth than use all in mélee or mono in my op)


20 block
full heal/berzerk/bacstak ( 3pages)


spells ( ull suffer with the translations o_O) : all the fire spells exept the one wich kick heal ability ( T aoe ). told u...

air: 2AP spell wich allow u to go to backstack+ 2MP cost air spell wich push back.

Water: The AoE heal, The ultimate spell (5AP 1WP), then the 4AP spell wich push back too.

double+Water/fire masks

Base method: double in water mask wich heal u from back side to get advantge on caracs+ buff from dodge (150 at lvl 200=75 melee damages). at my lvl 14X; 4X0 x 2 5X0 x 2 in melee.

Ure masque need to dodge+psykotyk =2 stack from passiv x 4 = 40 stacks on turn ( +100 res on masqueraider + full regen).

Dodge+2ap air spell to get the back (2 stacks)+ dodge+ psykotik x 2 ( 6 stack  30 stacks)+ Hornito ( +100 RES ON masqueraider + cc on hornito).

with this mode u can get off tanki with burnst damage in aoe ( ultimate fire spell costing 6AP is verry cool in psyko mask)

Hope it healp a bit xD


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wow, i was doing something like that, but i was relying majority on fire. Is Clone an good tool for fire branch?

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Tiefoone pretty much said it. Fire tree bases itself off area except one, water is opposed as it bases itself off ST except one, air whereas is all single. It makes tri gearing kinda lame btw, since the strongest spell of the fire tree is also AoE, both the strongest spells in water and air are ST. It makes it kinda weak and only being able to use Psynapse.

So long if fire aoe based itself off the Masq CC or ST stat, it'd be a lot better. My opinion tho; don't end with the Classy Masqueirader but rather add the bonuses to Artful dodger. Or make CC base itself off dodge. 
Not that Classy' is of any use most of the time, since it needs kind of a work. But it does make Masq beter in a long run... Kinda.


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I really hope they fix Psychopath mask soon. Masqueraiders don't fill their fantasy of being able to adapt into any situation in a blink of an eye and are currently stuck to a certain niche (burst healers/dps). Tiefoone really wrote well, kudos biggrin

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Psycho Mask should already have a Melee into Area conversion component by default. None of that area healing nonsense. If anything, it should "Ignite" enemies hit with area spells. 

It'd be quite balanced in the fact that the deck has 12 spaces and you just CAN'T fit all. 

The Dash's damage is just already monstrous coming from a Zobal with 1500 Damage and 1400 something Melee damage.

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