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Best Gear for Tanking

By Jiobean - MEMBER - March 01, 2017, 21:19:03

Hey guys. I have a 161 Masqueraider and I run a fire/water build. I just love the play style. It's fun, but being in CC and using Psycho Mask takes its toll. What gear would be best to up my tankiness without sacrificing Dodge? (I do have +50 Res Major Point and maxed Block) Eventually I'm thinking on Lucloak and Indestructible Boots (I have a Souleater and Woboots right now). Thanks for any insight.

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If you want to get more tanky then dodge aint priority.
-you can get 180 dodge for 2AP and 4MP with artful dodger passive at beggining of every turn
-also most mask spells are desighned around moving all around the mobs.
-you can always rune equipment but dk if its even a good advice for that lvl (depends on your skill of getting kamas)

Combining Psycho Mask  and tank it a bit extreme .... the only way i can see that somehow works is to Activate Charade passive every turn but that result in droping your CH.

What you ask essentually is to get high resist/ high dmg (via the mask) / and high dodge ...

can you post a picture with your active and passive spells so i can get the idea of your style
If you are using any of the stackable passives then things will get really interesting XD

Also i think you should change souleater with whithered BP and get flax (for dmg) or asse (for more tanky) .... both are extreemly cheap atm.
those can cover your needs till lucloack (tanky) or bygone (dmg)

other item that i can recomend is Belantirest or something (enurado belt)

Antient helm (past dungeon)

share some pictures for more info wink

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Hi. Thanks for the response. I'm super late with my own but I hope to get some more feedback because I'm at 172 now and I KNOW I'm lackluster.

Actives: Classic, Psycho, Masked Spirit, and Dance of Death
Passives: Artful Dodger, Mask Master, Burst of Wakfu, Carnival, and Fluctuation.

Honestly I've been using Psycho Mask less and less. The drop in res isn't worth the boost in dmg and the heal (with Psykotik) sucks. I have better luck with Classic Mask. Thinking of using Coward Mask instead. I'm working on getting the Lucloak now. Then maybe getting Indestructible Boots and Jinnun Tunic?  That'll give me the 12/6 and decent res/block.

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if you want to be tanky with a masq, you will need to sacrifice critical chance in order to use gears with dodge, block and cc or single target ( those gears are 175+, expect luckloak and paradoxical, which are good to use even without dodge) and  probably drop psycho mask to use coward, taking fully advantage of charade passive 

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