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Best gear for lvl 105 Masque?

By Avianlord - MEMBER - February 06, 2017, 09:24:12

I'm awful at gearing up characters, and I need a lil help figuring out how to dress my Fire/water Masque. Any thoughts? What did you guys use?

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Use the site encyclopedia to find gear, filter by desirable stats such as crit damage, backstab damage, single target damage, dodge, etc: Click here

You can then preview the gear with the methodwakfu builder: Click here

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Heya! If Ultimate Boss stuff is too hard to get I suggest Icecast set with Oyster set.

That will last you just fine till 120's which will be the Black Wabbit. Be sure to try to get a cactlass as well from Ohwymi dungeon on your way. It is a Masq best friend and will last you a good while.

After Black Wabbit you have the option of Dragon Pig at 125 (again if it will take you too long skip it) or Sugnuf set around 130's which you can get from Spore Dungeon.

At 140's you get a lot of beautiful options. Enurado dungeon's boss drops are ideal in combination with Wa Wabbit gear.

I don't wanna talk your ear off so that's all I will cover. Good luck on your Masqing and we all hope to see you in the end game!

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