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Best gear for bi Masq lvl 150??

By dragomlol - MEMBER - December 28, 2016, 23:29:17

I wanted to know your opinion for a lvl 150 Masq bielemental Air/Water Focusing Melee/Single Target/ Critial Hits... whats the best gear at this level?

For now I'm using Solomonk + Woboots And the rest is basicly DP.

Please leave your opinion

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If you are Melee single crit for level 150 i would suggest probably the

Apoth Cape for Crit mastery

Ancient Hat

Withred Bp

Tight shadow or Belt of interest or shock

Srambad Epp or Thoughts

umm that's all i know for 150-160ish

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This is a good setup for a Masq around that level, if you would prefer to be more durable go for Troyle's GG shield + Relay Kamasword in place of Scythe.
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( still using those (i am almost 180 atm))

The Wa's Seal
(i used this till 170)

Whispered Ring
(depends if i have 3-4 higher lvl pieces so i can compromise here )

Martus Shushu
(I used that one till 175)

The veiled souls' Shadows
(I used this till 170)

Withered Breastplate
(i just recently changed this one with other that also gives AP)

The Shock Absorber
next belt that i recoment (after some lvls)

Beltinterest (i used that one till 179 lvl)

Ancient Hat (after some lvls .... i think i was with Solomonk before this)

I was using those on that lvl note the whispered ring .... that one is really important from lvl 96 till 171 for the main charecter because in that range almost on every lvl there are some usefull equips.

Those were preatty much my the most adequite stuff for my build .... i was 2 ele, CC single target (water / fire )

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