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By 420Haze - MEMBER - December 17, 2016, 17:42:24

So the title is pretty self explanatory, I'm trying to think of the best compliment to my ST DD Air/Water Masq.

To state my main issue: Solo leveling with ST Toons sucks. I can heal if needed but that takes AP from my clone which is sorely needed as fighting groups of more than one (or two depending on mobs and resistances) normally means I'm taking more damage than my clone could heal in a turn.

My main thoughts right now are Proto and Rose as they both take my damage for me with their Bodyguarding/Rage Toxins. That would effectively give me a shield equal to their health (before block/res/armor is applied)and some breathing room to open a can of whoop-ass (whoop-masq? Ok I'll stop) which helps me bring down the enemy's numbers before the SKs pass away. Especially Proto, as there is his Pandawa throw spell as well a good amount of lock I can add via items so that my masq's "effective" enemy number at any one time in combat is lower and more easily managed.

That being said, Drop Night looks absolutely amazing with the transferred AP, extra damage and healing it can provide (I saw someone get healed a a third to half of their health and get about 175% elemental mastery from one before in a single turn??? That's cray). It seems perfect for what I am looking for as I feel healing back all your damage is just as good not taking the damage in the first place when the fights ends and no one can ever say no to buffs but the issue is that we have the exact same elements which can cause some restrictions. That being said, the heals, buffs, enemy debuffs Drop provides synergize almost perfectly with Masq's Mask Master heals and Charade debuff playstyle. The thought of Spitooning a backstabbed Renewal using a Burst of Wakfu Point for the extra 25% final damage after being buffed up by Drop Knight and Classic Mask's final damage is making me drool lol.

I guess I'm looking for opinions on what everyone else would do and have already tried themselves as I'm sure there is a sidekick that would work great that I'm just not seeing the synergy in. We all know what the DD/ST play style looks like and I don't think it would change too much if I get either/any. I also don't really care too much about whether the SK is in the mix or outskirts of the fight providing buffs and heals...the main goal is just being able to go more than 1-2 fights without having to worry so much about bread quantities, finding smaller mobs so I can quickly heal, etc.

Thanks in advance!

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First off...excellent taste on Brotoflex! I have been using a Fire Proto since release and he doesn't let me down in solo play.

Another good choices that you did not mention is Krosmoglob who has heals and aoe ranged spells which is good since we Masq are great at positioning enemies.

Trank also very good and has a much better sac than Proto.

All of the knights are good for us to use due to their buffs but Drop IMO is a lot nicer. (Leaf Knight when????)

I'd suggest a Lumino as he can revive you if you do fall but you seem to be careful so that isn't much of a worry.

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I prefer earth Drop knight for resist instead on dmg bufs

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