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Creating my first Masquedaider

By Coredo46 - MEMBER - June 23, 2016, 18:35:58

I have been laying Wakfu from a while and I just stopped playing before like almost one year, and when I came back I found this heroes system so I was like I'm going to create my own party since me and my brother playing the same game so each one can add 3 char to get total of 6.
anyways I'm planning to create Masquerader and I really like Fire/Air spells, maybe if it’s possible I could go three elements build but for the time been I'm creating Fire/Air Masq.

And I have few questions.
1. Which mastery shall I focus on? AoE? CC? Single? really this thing confuse me, like the fire spell "Hornito" from what I see its close combat + AOE, so is that mean it will take advantage of both mastery and it will give DMG total of both masteries ? Or it will just take the higher mastery damage and it will overwrite the weak mastery?
2. Element and mask. Does they give anything when use them in same time? I mean like old Masq you have to use Psychopath in order to user fire element spells! So how does it work now? Because I found that Classic mask will fit with my crit build so there is nothing wrong wearing Classic mask all the time ?!
3. What I shall expect from air/fire Masq build? High damage? Weak char?
Please assist me I have become noob with this changes.

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  1. You generally want to focus on Close Combat damage, don't outright avoid AoE or Single Target, as they can help, but Close Combat, Crit Damage, Backstab Damage and Elemental Damage are preferable as they will always be of some benefit regardless of the spell being used.
  2. Each Mask now has it's special bonuses as well as having special effects on some spells. For instance Classic Mask gives Whipkick 3 range, Psycho grants Psykotik lifesteal, etc. You are free to use these spells with other Masks, but you will not have the mentioned bonuses.
  3. Air/Fire is enjoyable due to the synergy between map control and AoE, and potentially has better damage output than a Single Target build in good situations. However it loses the sustain and support offered by heals, and in many cases end game enemies discourage AoE attacks with their mechanics, making AoE less useful. Additionally despite Psyk-Out's higher damage output, due to Spittoon's synergy with Charade and Fluctuation, Psyk Out can't match it in Single Target nuke ability (assuming said target doesn't have huge water res). Lastly while Psycho Mask is now decent due to reliable damage and it further boost to Psyk Out, losing 50 resistance on a close combat class not blessed with natural bulk still hurts.
Air/Fire is solid and entirely viable, you do not need to worry at all about it being weak until very late game where you may start to feel a bit of a squeeze.
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