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Air / Water Masqueraider guide. My own gameplay

By dragomlol - MEMBER - January 25, 2016, 18:43:32

Hi everyone.

I’m “The Horned God”. A Single target based Air / Water Masqueraider.

I’m here to show you a quick guide of my play style... and maybe encourage you to make a masqueraider too biggrin

Before starting notice that:

1 – My english is not so good. Sorry for the grammar mistakes you will see biggrin

2- I’m at lvl 135 right now.. but I’m still learning about Masq, so this is a basic guide, you will need to improve it yourself ok?

3- This is my opinion on Masqueraider; I know that maybe there’s a bunch of better masqs out there, but you must know that this one really works out and I’m glad with it.

Ok. Lets go then..

This is my first guide (I’m more like, showing you my game play. Just to what you want biggrin) so don’t be mean :’(

Advantages of air/water masq:

1- Can be a good Damage dealer

2- Awesome healing power. For allies or yourself.

3- A lot of mobility. You can easily walk around; swap places with enemy or ally. Turn enemy on their back...

4- Amazing critical %.

5- Can go DD (damage dealer) to support/healer in the same turn

Active Spells:

Classic Mask: This is the mask I use most of the time. Simply will give you +20% Critical hit chance, what is pretty amazing..

We all start with 3% CC (critical chance)

We get +20% CC with the “chance points”

We can easily get +20% from equipment (talking around level 100 character. I’ll show my actual gear later on)

Mask will give you another +20% CC

That means you can have 60+% CC. And that’s a lot of CC at this level. Usually get 2/3+ critical hits per turn with masked spirit.

Ps: You don’t need to recast this spell. Only if you changed for another mask and want to go back for this one.

Coward Mask: I use this mask for healing.

It will give you +20% healing and 1 range.

Besides that, every time you dodge an enemy you get an extra MP. Can be very useful when need to run away from a bunch of enemies.

Ps: You don’t need to recast this spell. Only if you changed for another mask and want to go back for this one.

Masked Spirit: This spell allows you to summon your Spirit and control it. There are a few things you need to pay attention before doing it:

1 – The mask spirit will be summoned with the mask you are using, which means you should wear your mask before summoning it. Notice that changing the mask on your real masqueraider won’t automatically change the mask on your spirit once it was already summoned. Which means you can be wearing classic Mask on real and Coward Mask on spirit, for example.

2 – The Spirit will copy all your stats, resistance, Critical Chance, critical damage. Also the Spirit’s HP depends on your own. So having a good amount of HP is important.

3 – The Spirit will receive your unused AP’s (6 max). I personally like to always leave those 6 for it, because it’s useful for the combos.

4 – Any damage your Spirit takes will be 100% redirected for you, so be very careful where you take it. Notice that your Spirit can lose AP, MP, but those won’t be redirected to you, only damage will.

5 – Masked Spirit won’t get any liberator Points (I’ll explain it later on) so it won’t be able to get WP points back.

6 – When your Spirit have no WP point, or you just want to kill it for some reason, you will need to cast the active spell “Dance of death

Dance of Death: This is an amazing spell. What it does:

1- Kills your masked spirit (It wont do any damage, just unsummon it). Your Spirit will probably run out of WP at some time, or just go too far away and for some reason you want to kill it and summon a brand new one. This is the spell for it.

2- Gives you +2MP

3- Revives all KO’d Allies!! And heals them with 20% of their Max HP.

Notice that your Spirit can also cast dance of death, but it will only give it +2MP, nothing else.

Passive Spells:

[/b]Artful Dodger:

This spell allows you to get Close Combat Damage (CCD) and healing bonus based on your Dodge points (50% of it). Max 400 CC and 400 Healing on level 2 (Max 100 on level 1)

That means that when you get 800 dodge you will get “for free” 400 CCD and 400 healing bonus.

You also get + 60 dodge on the current turn for every water/ air/ fire spell you cast.

You can also use the next passive spell to get more dodge:

Evasion: Simply gives you +180 dodge on level 2.

The spell also allows you to get +60 dodge for 3 turns every time you dodge an enemy with losses. This means that you can get CCD and Healing bonus from Artful Dodger during the fight, if you still don’t have full 800 dodge on Stats. (I have about 550 dodge on level 135).

[b]Burst of Wakfu:

This spell allows you to get Liberator points. You already get them every 3 turn, without this passive; but with the passive, you can get 1 Liberator point every 2 turn.

It also increases damage/ heal by 25% on your Last elemental spells (air/ water or fire).

Example: You can cast Spitoon 2x on your turn, but only the first cast will use the Liberator bonus damage/heal. When using this Liberator point you will also receive 1 WP back.

Notice that “every 2 turns” means that on your first turn you don’t have, next turn will get 1 Liberator point and so on.

Mask Master:

This spell gives you +200% backstab damage (when you reach level 150). Increases your collision damage (very useful fair air branch). Also heals you for every collision damage applied.

Notice that your Spirit cannot be healed by this passive, but will get the backstab damage bonus.

Elemental spells

Those are the spells I use on my deck. ( Notice that I’m ST based ( Single target))

Water spells:

In order..

Backbeat: I dont use it very often, but its good for sticky situations. You can push an enemy 1 cell an also move away 1 cell. Notice that the direction you move to depends on which way your masq is facing. So you can move back or to sides.

Spitbull: This is a good spell because you can swap places with the target ( only 1 time). You can help that ally who’s almost dead swapping places and doing a fair heal at the same time.

Spitoon: Your major water spell. It costs 5 AP and 1 WP. This is an amazing damage or healing spell. Now mix that damage/heal (in close combat) with 1 Liberator charge ( See the Burst of Wakfu passive) + back hit + Critical Hit + and BOOM!

Air Spells:

All of them ;D. In order..

Those are the mobility spells. Notice that you will do much more damage with collision; which means that you need to push you enemy against a wall or anything else to block his way.

Whipkick: This spell allows you to turn your enemy on it’s back for 3ap. Also doing a fair damage. Notice that all depends on your situation, sometimes it’s more woth it just walking around you enemy and using other spells than wasting 3ap just for turning it’s back right where you are standing. When you are wearing the classic mask; the line of sight turns to 3 cells, not only 1.

Scherzo: This spell allows you to push and follow enemy or ally for 2 cells, using 2MP. It’s a really useful spell for positioning enemies on walls or helping allies.

Notice that this spell will only do damage with collision.

Tip: Always try to push enemy in front of wall or object/player with this spell before using the last air spell.

Also notice that stabilized enemies cannot be moved by this spell, so they won’t be hit. ( I’ll explain about the stabilized enemy later on).

2 uses per target.

Classtanet: This spell allows you to easily access an enemy’s back for 2 AP. The spell will attract the enemy 1 cell and the you will lend on his back. Imagine there’s an enemy with his back on a wall and you don’t want to use 3ap with whipkick. You can use this spell bring him away from the wall and then go on his back. But it all depends on the situation, usually an enemy on wall will be perfect for you, so just use whipkick.

Also wont work with stabilized enemies.

Classerole: This spells allows you to create a link between you and your target (enemy or ally) for 2 AP. Linked targets will follow you wherever you go. Notice that any other attack will break the link, even though you can cast it as many times as you want. Also.. when you are wearing the Classic Mask this spell will give you an extra MP every time you cast on target (you cannot cast it on air. You need a target). This also works for you Spirit

The link won’t be created with stabilized targets, but will still get the MP. You can also cast it on Xelor’s dial for example, but the dial won’t follow of course.

You can use this spell in many ways. See:

Just get more MP. Moving an ally around. Moving enemy around (you can turn the enemy’s back to your allies that can’t access backs so easily, so they can get better hits). Cast it on your Spirit and bring it closer to the fight. Pretty useful biggrin

Classablanca: This is the main air spell. This is the order that the spell works:

The spell will bring you closer to target by 2 Cell and then do the direct damage. Then it will push the enemy for 2 cells, if the enemy is on wall this will do collision damage.

This spell also uses Liberator Charges to increase damage by 25%.


Intelligence: Once I’m Close combat damage dealer, resistance is essential, so:

10 Resistance

Rest of points in HP (Remember that your Spirit’s HP depends on your HP)

I didn’t put any points in armor this far.. Think I’ll keep increasing HP.

Strength: I maxed out Single target damage. And rest on % Damage All.

This is why: All of my spells are single target. But sometimes I can’t get in close combat, so I went damage all, because the single target bonus still will be applied. You will also get close combat damage from passives, which helps a lot.

Agility: ALL dogde. No more

Chance: I maxed out Critical chance. Now I’m putting points in back damage. Critical damage is also really good, because you already get a good backstab damage bonus from passive.

Major: AP. MP. Final damage. I think next will be reduction, still not sure.

Useful information:

Imagine this situation: You started a fight and got the challenge “you can’t cause air damage”. Your real masqueraider really can’t cause air damage. But your Spirit can!! Spirit’s ignores most challenges.

Stabilized state: Stabilized enemies cannot be moved around or teleported using classtanet spell. Not sure if there’s any way to take this state off your target. Think you just need to wait for it to go off.

About Ranged/closed combat kills:

Imagine this situation: You started a fight and got the challenge “You can only kill in close combat” If your real masqueraider stay more than 1 cell away from your enemy, summon the spirit, and then kill the enemy using your spirit, this will be considered ranged kill, even if your spirit killed in close combat. Your real masqueraider needs to be in close combat, then your spirit can kill it, even if the spirit uses ranged spell to kill.

I know it got a bit confused…but I hope u got it.

The inverse situation: You got the “You can only kill using ranged spells” challenge. That means that your real masqueraider can stay away from enemy and your Spirit can kill using ranged or close combat. You will complete the challenge.

About equipment’s:

I don’t know the which set would be goo until lvl 125. Just go for air / water elemental damage and dodge. You will be good biggrin

At level 120 you should get a Solomonk.
At 125 you can use dragon Pig set. Best set you can have for a long.. time.

Well I think that’s it for now. I hope you all understood everything.

With time I'll add more things here. Feel free to give your opinion or ask anything, I'll do my best to help you out.

The horned God
Virtuous Guild

I Added a bunch of images, but for some reason they didn't appear sad Sorry it's my first post
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Hello, any experience in pvp? i have a 112 mask, but i'm pvp only ^^

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Perfect Guide. THank you very much.
Can you give some combo example with Air spell?

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Love it!

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In my opinion in Chance you should stack Block and ditch backstab entirely. Don’t get me wrong I also love huge dmg but when you get to moon mobs your survival rate will drop drasticly if you cant block the mobs.
Also lots of people hate “Catch me if you can” passive, but in my opinion this one is extremely good passive. The main problem with it is to maintain it but once you get the hang of it its really cool one.
I use water/fire build with some air spells to stack elemental deciple.
Air spells: Scherzo and Classtanet – cheapest ones regarding AP.
If you can build 400+ dodge without evasion that means its time to didtch that passive(just my opinion).
A bit annoying but really good PVE tactic:
- first round- summon double with classic mask and position yourself next to other player (that’s for catch me if you can passive). Change main mask (depends on playstyle preferences)
-after first round- isolate an enemy and attack with all you got. Finish next to enemy but in a way that double can retrive the main.
-use double to get the main away stacking him as much final dmg as possible using lowest AP spells possible. Best spells for this are Scherzo, Classtanet, Classerole and Spitbull (I personally don’t use Classerole)
-if using elemental deciple as well: After the cooldown of summoning double – unsummon and go wild next 2 turns wink. If you have stacked all things properly then your dmg will go insane.

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