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Masked Spirit mechanics

By Drejn-87 April 10, 2015, 16:37:51

I recently started a masqueraider and i was wondering some things because i could not find any info on these forums or on internet on what i was looking for.

So a masked spirit (from what i found out) is not capable of using specialities (either passive or active). Also when the player changes mask the masked spirit's mask will be removed (so no mask state?).

What i didn't find out is: what happens if a player with Carnival casts a mask (different from the currently in use by the player) on the Masked Spirit?

Will they have different masks at that point?
Will the masked spirit retain that mask?
Will the mask cost 4 AP or 1 AP (dunno could be considered casted on yourself) ?

Has anyone ever tested this out?

I really cannot manage to test this, mostly because i'm low level and it's been a pretty busy month for me this time.

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Carnival does not work on masked spirit

Masked spirit has a lot of problems some got fixed some haven't.

I always wished actives worked on them specifically for situations like this where you want to change your doubles mask
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Thanks for the clarification.

Was thinking of a way to synergize masked spirit with the player, by using Water supporting skills together with fire damage potential, guess i will have to revisit my plans

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