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Water/fire masq

By MereBytes June 18, 2014, 22:17:44
Anyone got any experience or ideas about fire/water build?
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Before going full on water/air I experimented with fire/water a little bit since I would have had the chance to get lard at the time

I still have plans to maybe make one someday when I feel like having an alt but if I ever did I would probably go for fracture, fugue, psyk-out, spitfall (for healing)

fugue can be replaced with spitoon if you're that kind of mask I just prefer fugue over it
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My Masq here is Water/Fire.

Fugue, Spitfall, Spitoon, Fracture, Hornito.
Maxed Coward Mask.
Frankly I have Fire for AOE and to finish off my AP.

Eg. Spitfall can only be used twice a turn and costs 1 MP per use. with 9 AP you can't tripple Spitfall but you can 2x Spitfall into Fracture or triple Fracture. I weave between Mobs to get perfect Hornito/Fracture situations. Psyk-out and psykotik do not benefit from backstab however Fracture AND Hornito do. With that everything in my kit is applicable to backstab damage so it works out nice for me.
When needed I can heal with Spitfall/Spittoon and am always in a state to reposition with spitbull.
I can Melee/Range freely at my discretion although the kit is still very Close combat based.

I wanted to do Fire/Water (fire dominance) however it's a bit harder to justify Imo.
Im not really a fan of switching masks. I think you can do Hybrid frankly without switching masks generally and just switching them for niche situations of their unscaled utility (knockback/gap closing/escape).

My Theory for Fire/Water is to actually max Fugue and Backbeat with Fracture Hornito/Psykotik and Psyk-out. Backbeats damage would come into its own upon maxed Psykomask because you have 100% elemental over water-masks using Backbeat to make it a more realistic damage option and escape tool.

It was on WAPAC I was fooling with the idea of Fire/Water, and the backbeat+ Fugue felt like the most practical combo. If you go Spitfall + Psychomask that means you've got to spend an extra AP whenever you need to go to range/heal situations by switching to coward mask and lose 100% damage. Forget that.

The first two skills of each element IMO are solid enough on their own. Fugue and Backbeat are escape tools. Whipkick and Scherzo are enemy manipulators, Fracture and Hornito are AOE's

You may say you only need Fugue or only need Hornito/Fracture and take something later in the elemental tree but that means one of your main skills is closed off by a 1 AP requirement and you've got to spend that everytime you want to switch, forget that.
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