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masqueraider teacher wanted

By h0lysins April 03, 2014, 08:43:41
hi im pretty new to wakfu im a masqueraider i got power lvled to 42 but i have no idea wat im doing all i know is tht i want to be a water type damage/healer if u can please help me and show me the ropes thnx
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To be effective healer you need to be damager too. I don't recommend that you go full support either.
There's already guide which covers most that you need to know click here .
If you want more info on full water build I can pm a few pics of my end game build.
What comes to sets before higher lvl's, I'm afraid I can't help you there.
Since there's been a patches that's changed sets that I used to wear so I have no Idea what would be good sets for lvl 120 and below tongue
What comes to spells you should go with spitfall, spitbull and spittoon if you go full water.
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thnx tht really helped i dont know much about armor like where to get them or wat ones r good
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Click here this will become your best friend real fast

and as far as where the items come from Click here
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thnx for all the help guys i really appreciate it
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