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Looking for a new Masq to be my student. Nox-

By DarkNoticalX - MEMBER (+) - February 18, 2014, 23:24:37
Overall I want a student - one who is a mask. When I started out I had a master in some form. Now that I have reached a confident of play I want to do the same for someone else. This role is not merely just two people playing together, it is something a little bigger then that.

Prefer this person be newer to wakfu. Have some RP skills. Prefer a fire/air masq - but will take any kind of masq if it is wanted.

- Prerequisites-

1)Must be of the Masq Class (preferably new)
2)Must be lower then 40
3)Must understand this is a role of trust, on both parts. Me and you.

-Any questions please message me via the website or add me in game-
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Hi, I am interested. I have a fire/air masque level 42. In game name is Mailiwili.
You are perfecthappy I will message you in game and add you when I get on. Hope your on.
I am interested as well, just joined this game again. I have a lvl 20 masc who wants to be a water/air. If anything, I could use pointers on what to do, and where to level.
your welcome as well.

I will try to be on as much as possible today. Add me and we will start everything
I'm always to late for the good stuff, oh well
im new just made a mask trying a fire/water build the name is sepeiro
hi im interested in Masque.. can you add me to.

iGN: Pseudo-Ret
hi nox-, i dont really have an account on this server because i play on asia, im currently a level 22 masq, going for fire/air. i usually play solo because im still new to the game, can you give some tips and guides to someone like me? especially since your also fire/air and i cant find any guide for it :/ every help is appreciated -nyx
hey nox im very new to wakfu i have a masqueraider i really like but really need help learning wat to do sumone power lvled me to 42 but i still have no idea i am going water thts all i know id love to become ur student and one day teach sumone myself thnx
Reposting this seeing I am back from vacation. Sorry for no reply. I have been without internet... Anyways if you are still interested, add me as a friend on the website and send me a message.
Hello, im also interested, i used o play Dofus on 2010, tryed to get back to dofus yesterday but they screwed the game making u get lvl 100 in one day, so its my first time on wakfu, and i liked the Masq class, so i want to try it out. cheers
hey um..if youre still around maybe you could teach me?...just message me back when u can
Is this still up for grabs? I am new here just downloaded the game and read about the Masqs, I love it and willing to apply for it,,,
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