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Fire/Water or Fire/Air?

By February 12, 2014, 21:43:28
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Houjuu|2014-02-18 09:16:12
I maxed scherzo, classerole and classablanca in air and maxed fracture and psych-out in fire. This is my build/ combo you don't have to follow this to do good combos there are many routes and they all work.
its probably the same as every other branch but what specialties do you use? out of curiosity.

and do you level your fire mask at all or just the air one thats mostly what im curious about so I can help my girlfriend out whos air/fire while im water/air she already uses fracture, scherzo, classerole and classablanca.

Just wanna see what all the top dog fire/airs use specialty wise since they don't exist on dathura so I never see any.

Most of my knowledge is just through testing and experience until I made a final decision on my build
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I didn't bother to level fire mask, I went and maxed air, and tossed the points into carnival I think? The mask giving passive. While everything else is maxed. I just finally went air/fire recently after being water for ages.
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I maxed both classic mask and psyko-mask maxed everything else and left charade at lvl 11 not maxing coward mask if that helps.
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I have a pretty nice fire/air build going for me right now. Only level 65 right now but he is really fun to play and does ridiculous damage biggrin

Air Spells

Fire Spells

-Mask Master
-Artful Dodger
-Masked Spirit
-Classic Mask(2/9)
-Burst of Wakfu(2/20)
-(Charade after these are leveled)

The fighting itself is really risky. I ended up dying a ton of times at earlier levels, but once you get a hand of the mechanics and get some of those passives up, Fire/Air is really fun to play. I can currently deal 350-500 damage per turn. Not too sure but I think that's decent for my level biggrin 
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