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As far as stats go.....

By Lakrinkle February 09, 2014, 11:37:11
New to the game and the Masqueraiders caught my eye right away. I wanted to go water, but the thing I'm having the most confusion about is the stat allocations. Are these guys more str or int? or does it not matter since the in-game description says they both increase dmg. Thanks for the help.
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Strength increases Earth dmg % and res %
Chance increases Water dmg % and res %
Agility increases Air dmg % and res %
Intelligence increases Fire dmg % and res %

For every 2 points in the stat it will increase the % of res and dmg by 1.

Until you get a free restat at lvl 30 pump points into the element you use most
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aaaaaah that makes sense. Thanks alot!!
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If you're going on full water route and you have any questions then hit me with a msg.
I'm lvl 140 full water masquraider on remington.
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