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End Game pointers

By DragonPods - MEMBER - December 28, 2013, 11:27:32
So here is the deal,

I have a ideal set up for end game, and before I go all the way on working to get this set up Im looking for some pointers. But first I would like to say that the damage stats you will see are without placing any spell levels, so it is only gear damage output. Second I have it with a base of 100 dodge, with the rest coming from gear. Other than that, should be straightforward.

Oh! this is what I am thinking for my tri masq. Maining of fire and water support of air.
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Three things

Why 11/7? You're spending way too many points on those extra stats

Your resists are far to low for end game content yes this is without spells added in but even with spells they won't be over 100 with fire mask making resists worse, double making you take more damage, and most of the spells youll be using being melee you need way more resists than what you have on there.

Crits I don't know if you noticed but masqueraiders have a lot of crit hit damage bonuses ushs cards are only good for classes like ecaflip and cra that can make up for the loss in crits hagen daggerz have no dodge nor hp they're more of a rogue dagger I suggest a bloodthirsty since you have no problem with using boss legendarys.

I've tweaked the gear a little bit you're very limited in what you can use since all damage gear isn't exactly the easiest thing to come by while also getting all desired stats but I got you higher resists, higher damage, higher crit, higher hp. and with easier gear in most of the slots

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I decided on a 11/7 make up because of the fact that it opens up a lot more in the terms of choice combos. I have compared your suggestion with mine, and while I like the damage set up and the resist I don't understand the point in having +50 to int, cha, and agi. Well I do understand, but don't agree would be the best way to put that. However I do plan on respecing anyway to even out my spells more than what they are now, and I will give that a try...

I don't see having a +ap and +mp in the stats as a waist, however this is subjective to the player.

I have taken the time to go and add spell levels to my desire for that level on both your suggestion and my desired set up. From what I can tell there is a 30% resist difference between the two, give or take, across the three elements and only roughly 10% on earth. Which in the end can make or break me, which I am aware of as of now.

Looking at the damage and thinking on it, with a 400%+ damage on all three before the dodge comes into play, without hitting 330 dodge I won't reach the 330 marker to get +100% on all elements. With that being said it really puts a kink in my plans. Your suggestion give 243 dodge + invisible +5 from tofu dung, coming out to be 248. So here is my math on the dodge damage percents

Invisible +5 dodge on both setups, Tofu dung achievement.


+40(mask master)
+23(guild and nation bonus)

311 total dodge.
93.3% damage added to all elements.





108.9% damage and heals to all elements. But being that the cap is set at 100% for damage, only 100% is gained and the 8.9% is lost in the void.

I do like your suggestion more than my own ideal setup, but I run into the issue of not figuring out how to get enough dodge to break that cap for the +100% damage. If it can be done, it would be great to have a three branch 500% damage without the fire mask because only my air and fire branches will get the benefits of the 600% damage that can be achieved with the fire mask.

I love the crits you managed to work in as well as the extra damage, hp, and resist. But what I stated above is what's stopping me from completely agreeing with you.

I did some messing around with the two set ups and came out with this.
I understand what you're saying about the cards, but in the end it is a valuable item for the set up. At least in my opinion.
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The resists and damages look a little bit better in what you came up with but your earth resist makes end game almost impossible. You're asking for help with end game and what i'm trying to explain to you is that wabbits are going to one turn you most of the time if not get you down to 25% health on the first turn alone.

Magmog will one turn you as well if he chooses to hit you.

lenalds you'd be okay at but black wabbits and wabbits and zwombits? good lord no its gonna hurt a lot and give you and your eniripsa a headache especially in the dungeons.

My best advice is to make some choices where you sacrifice a bit of damage to get that extra resists. When I got rid of about 15 - 20% damage to gain 30 - 40 resist I actually got to participate in end game stuff and not only that but it saved me an assload of money on bread. granted i'm still above 600 in both elements so its not the end of the world for me and damage in a tribrid build is something you'd have to "take what you can get" with since you're spreading it thin as is so I don't really know.
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Please dont take what i said wrong. I completely agree with your points, its just that I was only pointing out how I would like to break thru that dodge/damage cap for endgame. I also agree with you points on how I would be a easy target for one shots in the said mobs. Which is a problem for when I decide to test out you build against those mobs. I think wha I can do is carry the gear needed to boost my resist going into those fights to even out the playing field when it comes to the earth resist.

All in all I think this build is going to be more of a tank build endgame for most mobs in the end game content. I do still have time to figure out how to swing everything the way that is favorable, but its gonna amount to me giving up damage in turn for resist like you have stated...

I hate it when your right, but welcome it all the same.
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