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Score : 47

Fire glass cannon

By Sonnori December 14, 2013, 22:56:45
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Any comment?
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Score : 33595
I feel like you can do a lot better with the damage percent it seems really low
Score : 288
MiniMikeh|2013-12-15 04:56:36
I feel like you can do a lot better with the damage percent it seems really low

Its 600% here. I think its awesome with 135 crit damage and 51% crit rate. tongue

Why 600?
Free 5 dodge from tofu dung. 20 from guild, 40 from passive.
337 dodge - 100% damage.
+50 damage(nation, 20 guild)
Score : 47
yeah u can also get max 100% damage and -50% resist from fire mask too :p

700% base damage with 135% crit damage

Imagine the damage potential with 20 AP / 12 MP double XD
Score : 288
Well, nice build. Nothing to say.
But I prefer to lvl dodge to 334 if you can. Its 100% too. So, you will save 3 points of dodge(6 pts). biggrin
Rest to HP is ok I think XD

Btw, I want to ask about weapon. Where I can get this? And how much is it on market? ohmy
Poniawd is 400kk~ I saw. But AP weapon..?
Score : 47
hey it's from wabbit guawd 0.1% drop rate with 400 pp lock

140 lvl mob near Wa wabbit's castle :p

I don't recommend buying gears just farm those with 2 accounts (1 enu and 4 multimen :p)
Score : 33595
I didn't even notice the crit hit '-'

I was just expecting 500+ before dodge bonus sorry about that XD
Score : 132
Sonnori|2013-12-14 22:56:45
Click here

Any comment?

It's a nice and incredible goal. But impractical with the sheer difficulty of aquiring the required items. Not to be said it can't be done. But you'll have some work ahead, haha. Pretty solid raw damage.
Score : 52
That's not a glass cannon build.

That's just an overpowered build using super powerful and rare items lol.
Score : 829
That's not a glass cannon build.(2)
That's just a list of super overpowered and rare items.

Furthermore, TS does not know the mechanics of calculating damages mastery *faceplam*.... made ​​a great mistake in skills respeck.

p.s. fixed by Renne (+12% dmge lol).

p.s.s. Build it's not only your equipment (i can do water cat in nettlez with full rune +10 and be like a god XD) it's should be good uniqe idea at first plan.
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