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Greenhorn looking for help with Air/Water Masq,

By ZyphyrusByakko December 01, 2013, 19:24:56
Ello I'm new Masq. All I know is to focus on Air until level 30 then respec to add Water, also focus on Dodge and with the passives Artful Dodger and Mask Master. I'm wondering is Lock worth it, same with Movement points. Also where to find good equipment and basic guidelines to fighting with a Air or Air/Water Masq.
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Hello i'm an air/water mask and get a lot of compliments on my build both in game and on here. I've posted it several times but i'll repost it just to make things a little easier for you

You will want to stat 1 ap 1 mp, 100 dodge rest crits I did not stat an ap but that is because I own a solomonk which isn't easily obtained.

Specialties will be the following:
Classic mask
Masked spirit
burst of wakfu
artful dodger
mask master

You do not need to level your coward mask unless you absolutely want to.

Your main spells to use will be the following: Fugue, Classablanca, Classerole, Spitfall as you will be able to get two spells in each branch to 100 these will be those spells

The way I make air/water mask work is i'm heavily melee based while wearing classic mask most of the time. I use fugue as a finishing punch or for massive burst damage with my double usually one turning people in pvp.

The way fugue burst works is you place your double behind you and use fugue twice on the enemy (this is with 10 ap 6 ap end game) then you classtanet over the enemy giving your double backstab if you crit enough from the classic mask to gain ap to still have 4 remaining after jumping over him with classtanet do another fugue if not classtanet over your double so you block him from jumping back on his fugues.

After that use all of your ap on double with fugues dealing stupidly high damage from the backstab.

(Keep in mind this is only useful in certain situations as it leaves you open to aoes so only do it if you are absolutely sure you will be okay afterwards)

Any other time just use classerole twice scherzo fugue or classablanca depending on if they are against a wall or not

Now about spitfall the reason I chose spitfall is because when I run black crow with my guild they use me as a healer so it gives me the option to heal my team mates if needed since it has the highest range. Simply pop on the coward mask and heal your men up and you're good to go. It also works as a range damage spell for dungeons like ambassador wing etc

Now onto gear since you asked about that as well you can find all water/air gear on this website Click here go to tools and then item search and look for air/water damage gear make sure you change it by level as well as there is so much gear that all of it wont show up. I would list gear but like I said there is so fucking much that it would be a little ridiculous. What I will do however is post what gear i'm wearing

Set bonus of resists from icecast ring, necklace, boots
Rest is black coat, seal of rage, solomonk, slakjahs, neemoi-lenald tail, bloodthirsty, rogmourne, tofu, black wabbit undewweaw

I hope this helps. I should really just hurry up and finish my guide so I can start linking people to that instead tongue
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*information overloaded* Thats alot of info to take but I kind of get the gist of it. I guess I just have to play more to understand all the raw equations and formulae behind it.
I guess that what happens you start a turn-based game for the first time! xD
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