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Masqueraiders ablilty points and etc

By NeyChanSan November 21, 2013, 22:35:48
okay so im super duper new to wakfu and my first character I have here is a Masquerader ...I just thought it looked cool. Anyway I've done some research and I want to use the physco mask build. I just dont know hot to disrepute my points to the appropriate ability points. So far I've put in some points in the mask. and thats it :/...
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Psychopath mask
Burst of wakfu
Mask master
Masked spirit
artful dodger

Some people don't like artful dodger because fire gear doesnt give much dodge but you can't argue with free extra damage

charade is a staple same with burst of wakfu as you will be consuming wakfu like crazy

Masked spirit is also a staple for every mask

you can get away with making your psychopath mask level 6 if you need more points mask master for the crit damage and dodge
okay got those stuff what about the ability section; where it says health point, dodge, AP, kit skill etc
you'll at some point want 10 ap 6 mp

so statting 1 ap 1 mp helps achieve this a great deal. after that you can either stat crit, intelligence or dodge

or a mixture of them crit/intel or crit/dodge
Thanks so much for helping a nub like me! biggrin
It's no problem it's nice to see more people playing masqueraider
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