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Air/Fire Build Help

By October 17, 2013, 21:23:59
As the title says, I'm looking for any advice on a hybrid build of Air and Fire.

So far what I've got planned for the spell load out are Scherzo, Classtanet, Classablanca or Classerole, Hornito if I'm getting grouped up on, and Psynapse to get closer to stuff.

For my specialties, I'm not quite sure if I should have both masks maxed or not. Other than that, would it also be worth using Masked Spirit? Originally I was thinking of having Dance of Death over it, but I see a decent amount of people pick Spirit over it when they do hybrid stuff. Anyways, for my passives, was going to choose Burst of Wakfu and Mask Master definitely. If there's another you think would help out with the build, feel free to lemme know.

For my stats, was going for the normal AP and MP, then getting Crit to 10 and dumping the rest evenly into Agility and Intelligence.

Thanks in advance for anyone that responds.
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I'm also working on a fire/air mask. For air spells I'm putting most of my spell exp into scherzo, classerole, and classablanca. For fire spells I'm focusing on fracture, psykotic, and psyk-out. I'm maxing my air mask and making the fire mask lvl 6( I don't feel fire needs to be maxed). I personally think you should go with masked spirit because it's awesome and allows for crazy burst damage. For passives I'm choosing Burst of wakfu, mask master, artful dodger, and charade.

For stats I'm stating 1 AP, 1MP, 10 crit, and the rest into dodge.

This is just how I'm planning to build my mask. hope this helps.
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