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Water Masqueraiders

By SeriousBelly October 15, 2013, 23:05:07
Any tips on water builds? (Both offensive and/or healer)
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10/6, double spitoons, spitfall, spitbull for when you can't use spitoon anymore do 2 spitfalls 1 spitbull

coward mask, artful dodger, charade, mask master, masked spirit, burst of wakfu

Any other questions ill try the best of my ability to answer for example i'm water/air so I use fugue but most people do not backbeat is also a pretty handy spell to have in a lot of situations.
For endgame gear, I was thinking of Undertone/Necroforged gear. (Healer and offensive with decent dodge)
necroforged is nice lard was good when it gave dodge I haven't taken a look at the new undertone set i'll have to check that out but i'm assuming its pretty decent now? -Just took a look at it-

They balanced the damages out which is really nice the resists are great to it'll certainly help you out in end game pvm since monsters are starting to hit much harder now I just wish it had more dodge on it lol
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