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Discuss your Masqueraider builds

By MiniMikeh - MEMBER - August 29, 2013, 02:10:23
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MiniMikeh|2014-01-30 23:38:06
CreativeUsername|2014-01-30 21:37:13
A huge problem with masqueraiders and really wakfu in general is you're gonna have a hard time realizing your characters full potential until 100+

lower level gear is severely lacking in a lot of stats that are essential to a characters success basically you just gotta keep at it and eventually you'll start to see yourself improving quicker

Your skill choices are pretty good so far though for just starting out classerole, classablanca are both staple air mask spells if you haven't already I highly suggest taking a look at my air/water masqueraider guide Click here it has some explanations of what spells you want to go for and if you read through the thread I answer a couple questions that might help you as well
happy That guild helps quite a bit, thank you! xD Good to know the gear is kinda weak, now I can shut my friends up when they tell me I'm too weak.
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My spells are:
Fracture 4/5 fair ap cost cost 3 ap
Hornito 5/5 strong Aoe cost 4 ap
Psynapse 5/5 helps you get to enemies cost 5 ap
Scherzo 5/5 nice combo move cost 2 mp
Psychopath Mask 4/5 cast this as soon as the fight begins cost 1 ap
Charade 2/5 useful if only in high lvls
Masked Spirit 3/5 useful if only in high lvls (kinda) cost 6 ap 2 wp
Carnival ?/5 try it
Dance of Death 5/5 So awesome it's almost OPs! cost 1 wp 
Score : 7350
Full water spells:
Spittoon lvl 140
Spitfall lvl 140
Fugue lvl 140
Spitbull lvl 89 edit: lvl 101

edit: changed back to spittoon, spitfall, spitbull lvl 140 and fugue lvl 101

Spittoon > Spitfall > Double = 11 ap 3 wp 1 mp >> Fugue x 5
Spitfall > Spitfall > Spitbull = 10 ap 4 mp
Spittoon x 2
Spittoon > Spitfall > Spitfall
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