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Dance of death

By MiniMikeh - MEMBER - August 13, 2013, 01:33:15
With spells being able to go above level 100 now what's everyones opinion on dance of death? its currently bugged if the masked spirit uses it but works as it should if used on yourself or team mates.

I also learned that it stacks if other masqueraiders use it on the same target.

I guess lets just discuss how everyone feels about it now?
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The difference between a level 200 and level 210 skill is less than 5% damage. But it's really the Masq's only reliable way to trigger BoW. So +5% damage +2AP +some resist for a total of 190 points.

In general I think Psycho mask, Classical mask, Artful Dodger, Charade, etc are all good skills.

Considering the number of points you have, it's probably worth it. At low levels it's a pretty massive bonus (10->20 is almost 100%, 20->30 is 50%,50->60 is 20%), so it's decent to have while grinding. I feel like if you don't have it at high levels you waste a lot of opportunity since you can't use your WP.
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Dance of death is useful at higher levels if you have charade maxed and have a very high crit rate, otherwise i don't see any point in that skill
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It is awesome!!!!!!!! Use it with any build
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