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Seeking Advice on Fire build

By Evinger June 13, 2013, 05:22:01
Hello everyone! I am just now making a masqueraider! MY playstyle in games tend to be a glasscannon sort of take on situations, so I was wondering what is a good build and what should I pump my points into early on? I am newbie at Wakfu and would really like some level 1+ help! As of now I haen't spent any points and ould really like to know what my first spendings should be towards!
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im a Fire Masq Build (level 90+) heres my skill tree in order
Max First 1, then 2, and so on.

  • 1.Mask Master
  • 2.ArtFul Dodger
  • 3.Masked Spirit
  • 4.Psycopath Mask
  • 5.Burst of Wakfu
  • 6.Charade

its up to you if you want to Max first the Masked Spirit..Masked Spirit will be a good deal in the future.. its for faster damage and Mob killing because of the AOE Damage..
faster to do quests too with Masked Spirit smile.

Main Skills:
  • Psyk-Out
  • Psykotik
  • Fracture
im currently 9AP and 4MP, ill be putting 1 in MP to become 5MP.the rest, im still figuring if it will be in intelligence or on Critcal Hit Chances.
im Maximizing Damage and Crit, but you'll be less resistant on this and you also have low HP.

i've done some dungeon quest... pretty useful in taking out mobs but be aware of your low resistance and hp.
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Max dance of death first, it gives you buy far the best damage boost of any Masq ability at low level. In my opinion maxing dance of death, then psycho then burst of wakfu, that will give you a lot of damage.

You may aswell spec your attribute points in to intelligence for now.

Remember you get a free respec at lvl 30!
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Dance of death it's just a waste of points. He can lvling to 30 so fast without this skill.
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Fellmina|2013-09-25 08:09:17
Dance of death it's just a waste of points. He can lvling to 30 so fast without this skill.
This. It's better to put the points into charade instead of dance of death
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heres a fairly simple air/fire masq build i made. I do take advantage of Dance of death a lot. I'm pretty much a 12/6 build every other turn.
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oh whip kick and fracture ive thought about that combo a lot. very nice to see it getting some use
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Those 2 spells even if not used for damage can be useful for positioning.
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