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[Air Masqueraiders] Aquila's Super Duper Basic Guide

By Freewinds - MEMBER - May 15, 2013, 23:36:54
Aquila's Rather Basic Air Masqueraiders Guide!

Just want to thank Music for the basic template of this Guide. Hopefully all guides will start using this as a template as I think its really well set out (Which is why I "borrowed" it for this guide!).

  1. Introduction
  2. Pro/cons
  3. Spells and Specialties
  4. Build Ideas and Random Stuff


Hey, Im Aquila, a long time player from the Remington server. I started playing Masqueraiders when they were released a few months ago, and to be honest I didn't think much of them. However I started leveling one and went fire, but found it boring so decided to change to Air, and found it much more fun. I think people generally underestimate Air Masqs and they have got some bad press after what I have read about peoples impressions on this very forum. So I have therefore written this to give people a better idea about the beautiful dancing jump kickers.
As I have said before, I am using Musics Earth Ecaflip guide as a template for this one, so props to him.
Finally as I have stated this is a basic guide and as such I will not be adding damage calculations and very few numbers. Because I don't like that sorta stuff. ^^

Air Masqueraider Pros!

  • Incredible movement power
  • Great at picking off weak foes
  • Ap regain and small ally buff
  • Good team player
  • Positioning
  • Combos can deal some high burst damage

Air Masqueraider Cons!

  • Hard to solo
  • Can't stay in one place
  • Can move foes into Buff cells
  • Healers may find it hard to reach you
  • Sometimes hard to get Collision with Players/Mobs/Environment
  • Needs high Mp


Whipkick: 3 AP
This spell does reasonable damage while knocking back the target, and turning them to the side. I should be noted that the player does not follow them, therefore leaving this as a good spell to get out of dodge lock, and can also be used to get at a targets back. I think using this as a main spell is a bad idea, as you would have to spend mp following the target. As with all Air spells, it does medium collision damage. Also worth noting that if you use it on a target which already has its back to you, it will still turn them to the side.

Scherzo: 2 MP
Costing only 2 mp makes this spell a must for nearly all combos. Like all spells it pushes the target back (Or gives collision damage) and makes the Masq follow. However it can only be used once per turn, so don't expect to do this many times to slide your way across the battlefield. Nice and basic, not much else to it.

Classtanet: 2 AP
The damage on this spell is super low, at lvl 100 having a whole 17 base damage. What it lacks in damage however it more than makes up in usefulness. It has a range of three and no Line of Sight, and it lets you jump behind the target, and pushing them one space back towards where you came from (Or if you jumped over something, collision damage) and you take their space. The target is turned towards you however so no backstabs, but leaving it open to teammates.

I find the best use of this spell is to "grab" a enemy, and then with the use of Classerole and Scherzo bringing them all the way back towards slower moving teammates who can destroy them. Can also be used to space out enemy's, and lets you jump around close combat easily. The weakest spell but most useful I think.

Classerole: 4 AP
Everyone loves some casserole, I mean Classerole. This is my favourite Spell from air Masqs, and also their strongest (without Collision). This is a classy two feet jump kick which hurts the target and pushes them back two spaces (Or guess what? Collision!) which is great for moving a target around fast. It does good damage and I use this as my main spell because of its usefulness at pushing, and its good damage. Not really much more to say about it though.

Classablanca: 2 AP 1 MP 1 WP
This is a very strong spell for its cost, and with Collision it is also the strongest in the branch. It does good damage with a very classy looking jump kick and pushes the target back one cell (I will let you guess what happens if there is something stopping it being pushed back!) .

Strangely, this spell has no cast limit so theoretically you can do a huge amount of damage by burning all your WP in one go. I would not suggest this, but can be good if you either want to finish a fight quickly, or do a huge amount of damage in a single turn. However this does limit your options for creating a double or any other wp cost, so while I advice leveling this and using it whenever you have 2 ap left over, This would be rather costly as a main spell.

I will not talk about the Water and Fire Masks as they are practicably useless you wish to do a dual element build.


Classic Mask: 1 AP - 1 AP
This Spell makes you look extra Classy. And slightly grumpy. And also lets you use the last three air spells! Basically, with this at max lvl every crit you do gives you a 75% chance to gain 1 Ap, as well as gives a whole 7% damage bonus to all your teammates. This may sound rather measly, and it is. The more you crit the more it rises, but this is not the main attraction of leveling this active. With a crit build the chance of gaining ap means longer combos, and with the Burst of Wakfu Passive gives you a nice way to gain ap as you play. I would not advice leveling this unless you are either getting lots of crit, or have nothing else you wish to lvl.

Masked Spirit: 6 AP 2 WP - 3 AP 2 WP
This works like a worse version of a Srams double. At max lvl it lets you create a Double that you control which stays for two turns. This can be used very nicely in combos by letting you do twice the damage for those turns, as well as gives you something to Collide your target with. I was on the fence about leveling this, but as I use Classablanca sparingly I found this to be good to level. For those who use a lot of wp however, this is not for you.

Dance of Death: 1 WP - 1 WP
This sounds rather ominous. What happens if you do a rather funny little jig and you can get a one turn boost for either your own or a teammates spells (+9 at max). This can be good with Burst of Wakfu in order to get that extra 1 ap, but other than that I didn't find this very interesting. Level when you have leveled everything else you want.


Burst of Wakfu
At max level you will will gain 1 ap and 20% Resist whenever you use a Wp. However, you can only gain the Ap every other turn and the 20% resist will only activate once a turn. This can be very good if you need an extra ap to finish a combo, and I advice leveling this.

Artful Dodger
Im afraid you are not a young homeless kid who sings a lot, but you do get more damage the more dodge you have. However it only takes 30% as a damage bonus up to 100% damage, so you would need 300+ Dodge to make the most of this. Personally I only leveled this at later levels for a small Damage boost, but it is a must have if you happen to be a dodgy person.

This snazzy passive lets you gain "Renewal" per Crit, dodge and kill you do, and when it reaches 100 you will gain 1 wp. I like this passive a lot and can really help if you use a crit build, and picking off low hp enemy's lets you get the 1 wp in a minimum of three turns, so in long fights it can be really great, especially if you really need a wp to use Classablanca. I advice leveling this after you have leveled Mask Master and whatever else takes your fancy.

With this passive you can really get the party started!

Not really. It lets you "Give" one of the three Masks to a teammate, with a higher chance for it staying onto the next turn (80% max). If you are going for a support build I advice leveling this and Psycho mask and giving it to a close combat teammate before they go into the bloodbath. It should be noted that if you give your Classic Mask to a teammate, you will loose your Classyness. And your spells.

Mask Master (With a really small image!)
This is by far the best Passive Masqs have, and should be the first any Masq levels in my opinion. At max level it doesn't just give a great 40 crit damage bonus, 40 dodge, but also heals you for 10% of your max hp for every kill! I don't think I have to say anything else about this. Its just to great.

Build Ideas and other stuff

Coming soon/Tomorrow/Whenever I want


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When in trouble, air masq should use classtanet + backbeat combo. Best combo to run away from melee opponent.
Score : 133
What an awesome Guide!! well done Aqu smile looking forward to some more now
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