Jouer !

Shelves, vitrines and counters are filling up: the WAKFU Boutique brims with novelties! Come and discover all the latest items, to stay at the cutting-edge of fashion!

Now that you have your Clawbot, how do you feel about customizing it a bit?

Today the Boutique offers you many items to make sure your Clawbot stand out from the crowd!

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Lazy Bow Meow
tyreck 24 Octobre 2012 12:16
Grizzled Dandelion
christinebr360 24 Octobre 2012 13:04
I was waiting for that *-*
Teethless Sharkie
AngelicPorcelain 24 Octobre 2012 13:35
pretty neat stuff, cant wait to see what they look like on the clawbots
Tofurby on Diet
VoltesV 24 Octobre 2012 13:53
Squited Arachnee
Matt5150 24 Octobre 2012 14:18
I bought the clawbot only for this lol
Lazy Bow Meow
atl-zeus 24 Octobre 2012 21:31
Waiting for that two *-*

There's no how to visualize how the pet will be with the dye ?