Following our last article about Chillberg Island, we received a lot of feedback and many questions. Azael and Fhenris answer to you in a Dev Diary!

To reveal the hidden side of Chillberg Island, Azael (Lead Game Designer) and Fhenris (Level Designer) went under a complete questioning.
This island still hides many surprises, and it was time to get the WAKFU Team to shed some light on the icy lands!
If you don’t want spoilers about the main quest, the complete and rich story, the levels required to reach Chillberg Island, the monsters, etc. Don’t watch this video!
Otherwise, just click play:

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Comments (22)
Lord Madgobb
Neneko88 29 March 2013 17:41
Azael has a lot of great ideas, I'm glad he's the one in charge ^^ Story, background, all of that really makes the islands/nations more fun.

I would really love for him to look at the nations and see how he could evolve them the same way he made whispering island and frigost.

This update is perfect, the only thing it's missing is a good sadida revamp..if Grou fails at that it will not be that great..
Lord Madgobb
TommyTrouble 29 March 2013 17:59
Hmm, I like all the quests! And more storyline? YES!
Lord Madgobb
Nox16 29 March 2013 18:04
i found this really informative and i look very forward to play frigost aka chillberg i also like how they are making the story the big part of the island i really do like a lot of what they are doing with it. anyway wanted to write my happiness
Wilder than Wild Dragoturkey
sevenatbest 29 March 2013 18:24
Sounds cool. Can't wait to try out the new content/story lines. A very cool way to go arching off from that style that was most popular with Whispering islands. Could be a cool way to go with politics to introduce storylines of a political/national nature that governors could decide on and all of that nation could help to achieve.
Happy Miliboowolf
Sargent-Wiggest 29 March 2013 18:26
Five dungeons, great
Bellaphone Lover
VoidSettler 29 March 2013 18:44
Looking forward! - Love the fact that they're going to add NPCs to this as well. I've always felt there was a lack of livelyness in a world that has so many interesting characters, and such nice lore.
Wilder than Wild Dragoturkey
RaVeN-Fifteen 29 March 2013 19:29
lvl 120!! Hehehe.. 120 more points to mess around with! No kit!
Soft Crackler
Th3G0ldf1sh 29 March 2013 20:35
So, last two friday's you guys released pet dyes and accessories. Are we getting another pet dye/accessories today? (if so, please be moofly)
Lord Madgobb
TommyTrouble 29 March 2013 21:03
Looks like some fun stuff