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Octolliard 31st is here! Are you prepared for all the trick and treaters today? When they knock at your door to ask you to for candies, which mask will you wear to great them? A Psychopath Mask of course!
Wakfu New Updater Transition Info - October 31, 2013
Starting Tuesday November 5th, the WAKFU Updater will be transitioning from the old to the new version! Today we want tell you all about this change!
Children of the World of Twelve are stamping their feet impatiently. Al Howin is coming soon! Costumes and candy hunt for everyone! Well...Not exactly... This year, it will be more tricks than treats. Indeed, SHE is back to play more pranks on you and this time she is not happy!
Wakfu Contest Results: Civil Waw Info - October 25, 2013
Vigilantes and Supervillains from the World of Twelve have sent us pictures of their family group for the Civil Waw Contest! It is now time to reveal them to the world...
From Friday, October 25, to Wednesday, November 6, receive an exclusive gift when subscribing for one month and more : the Arachnid Costume. And since a costume wouldn’t mean much without the proper environment, discover the new Al Howin furniture available during this period.
We will open the Beta server to all our subscribers on Wednesday, October 30, from 1 PM GMT / 9 AM EST / 6 AM PST to 10 PM GMT / 6 PM EST / 3 PM PST.
Come join us to test the new additions to Incarnam, Astrub and the Wild Estate!
Wakfu Wakfu to set foot in Asia! Info - October 21, 2013
Great news to players in Asia; Wakfu is coming to Asia! Join us, as we set a new milestone in Wakfu history. As such, we would like to invite players in Asia to give us feedback, suggestions or opt into our upcoming Closed Beta Testing, which will be announced real soon!
Wakfu Get the new Updater now! Info - October 18, 2013
Following the update of October 8, WAKFU was updated to Java 6. This led to several updating issues for Max users, but also all those still using the old Updater. To solve these issues, we invited all those impacted to download the new version of the Updater.
They’re small, and cute, and even more with a new color and the latest equipment! Discover the new customization items for your Young Wild Sow and Krakotte!
On Wabbit Island, the battle is still raging ... On one side, the Lenalds, on the other, the Wabbits ... It is also the ideal place for Supervillains such as Harebourg to come bring trouble, and the Vigilantes to come and defend the victims and owphelins! But what if you could also participate? Would you rather be on the side of the Supervillains, or the Vigilantes? Would you defend the Wabbits, or  would you destroy their burrows?
Time to get back to building stuff. Get your hammers and screwdrivers, your Haven World could use more customization. And we have just the right thing for you, the House Blueprints are back, and with them, a whole bunch of new Foggernaut items for your Haven Bag… 
Discover the complete list of changes implement on October 8 with the WAKFU Update – The Prisoners of Alkatrool in our Changelog section.
Starting now, and until October 10th, 8 AM GMT / 4 AM EST / 1 AM PST, each win counts! Cumulate the wins and you might be rewarded with amazing gifts… Play now!
Want to know all about the next Update of October 8th? Discover now the first part of the new content that will be implemented!
You’ve been waiting for it, and here it is! A new Special Tournament for Krosmaster Arena will take place from Friday, October 4th to Thursday, October 10th. What to win, you ask? Many gifts of course!
Wakfu WAKFU Update: A first look Info - September 27, 2013
A few days ago, we announced that the WAKFU Update was postponed to October 8th, but what exactly will this Update include?
Wakfu WAKFU Live – Q&A With Azael Info - September 25, 2013
On this last week of Ankamerica month, Troyle offers you a final Q&A on twitch with the man himself, Azael!
Last Friday we told you that the next update would be implemented on October 1st. For reasons that will be explained below, we decided to postpone it to October 8th.
Two weeks ago, many of you answered the call of Troyle to join in his effort to take over Dathura. Time to have a closer look at the progress made.
Join Troyle and RyF tonight on Twitch to talk about the backstory of the Krosmoz universe.
Have you ever noticed all these references to the English and North American culture in the Krosmoz universe? Will you recognize all of them?
Time to count your money and prepare your guild, new Haven World auctions are beginning tonight
Wakfu Ankama in Canada! Info - September 16, 2013
Once upon a time two Ankama employees moved to Montreal in order to open a game development cell. They focused on a new project in collaboration with teams already in place at the Roubaix headquarters. We can now all welcome Abraca, a new transmedia franchise completely independent of DOFUS and WAKFU!
Want to make a difference? Or simply love to participate in everything WAKFU? Then you may want to answer the call of becoming part of the new International Community Team!
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