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Before Friday evening, all of our game servers and websites will have migrated to our new international, and more reliable host, - Telia! The migration will bring you better game quality, more security, comfort and of course, less lag. Telia already has a lot of experience under its belt dealing with many renowned MMOs, so we'll be standing on the shoulders of giants! From midnight (GMT+1) thursday, August 7th, until 9am Friday, all Ankama websites, games and forums will be offline as the migration is completed. All servers and websites are now back online! You should be able to connect to the game normally. We thank you for your patience!
Are you a furious head-on warrior or a snakey backstabbing crook? If you’re still not sure, you’ll find out soon enough when the war-like Iops and the elusive Srams reveal all just for you!
Wakfu Enchantment in Wakfu Info - July 30, 2008
How is it possible to transform a rusty sword, a strainer, an old bathrobe, sandals and a pair of dishwashing gloves into mortal combat equipment? The answer (or not) is in the latest feature, which tells you everything about the mysteries of enchantment in Wakfu.
Boars are peaceful beasts by nature, but their strength makes terrifying opponents of them. This species has occupied the world for many thousands of years. And it doesn’t look like they’re going to be leaving any time soon. What luck, we like nothing more than a good, greasy spare rib on the barbecue!
Wakfu 7 New Screenshots Info - July 25, 2008
This week, you have a chance to visit the Sadida, Feca and Xelor temples and venture through the underground areas of the World of Wakfu. After a hard day of exploration, a ship will be waiting for you to take you round the World! Or, if you’re seasick, you can go and rest at the farm instead!
Wakfu 6 new screenshots Info - July 21, 2008
This week we have an inside look at professions such as Gemology and Mining as well as a battle between valiant adventurers that’ll take your breath away. Then you can go follow the players as they join a race round the world of Wakfu.
Wakfu 6 new screenshots Info - July 15, 2008
Four new character classes have arrived. Now’s your chance to discover how the Pandawa, Sacrier, Enutrof and Ecaflip classes perform in the world of Wakfu. Stand in as spectator for a battle between two Pandawas, visit the Sacrier and Ecaflip temples and witness the fearsome Enutrof in action.
Wakfu Divine Piwi Info - July 11, 2008
Those little Piwis really are adorable! The Piwette is elegant and flirtatious, the Lilpiwi is innocent and cute, the Purple Piwi is dressed to kill. Don’t admire them for too long though, you never know when a Zombiwi will turn up… and traumatise you for life!
In this week’s new feature, we will tell you everything about dynamic challenges, how they work and how fascinating they are. Be prepared to face many new challenges always more surprising.
Wakfu Rushu's Shushus Info - July 02, 2008
If you find yourself in one of Wakfu’s dungeons, you’re sure to come across one of these terrifying creatures – Rushu’s Shushus. In this feature we’ll be talking about these little monsters and their particular place in Wakfu.
Wakfu 7 new screenshots Info - June 30, 2008
7 new screenshots this week: The wild fighting of Rushu’s fearsome Shushus will take your breath away in the dungeon of the same name… Make sure you visit the Feca’s area, and watch the adventurers busily making potions. We even brought in a fantastic juggling Cra just for you guys!
Wakfu Wakfu cross-media Info - June 25, 2008
Wakfu isn’t just an online video game, it’s also an entire world made up of Mangas, the tv series, mobile and web services, and plenty of other media. Come and discover the cross-media world of Wakfu in the latest feature!
Wakfu 6 new screenshots Info - June 23, 2008
This week we’ve posted an all new series of screenshots, which features a battle pitting a group of brave adventurers against two Piwis. You can also have a look a how Osamodas and Iop spells are used and pay a visit to the port and the Osamodas temple!
How do you evolve your stats and your character to really find your niche in the world of Wakfu? In this feature we’ll be talking about the characteristics of Wakfu’s characters and how you can evolve them!
It doesn’t look like much, but AI is what will bring combat in Wakfu to a whole new level. Each and every creature will come with its very own AI brain, making them almost as unpredictable as any human player out there.
Here comes a new series of screenshots where you’ll see Eniripsas and Xelors in action for the very first time. Discover new types of dwellings and a nice Inn where you can go and have a drink… and cheer for that courageous Eniripsa who’s taking on 5 Piwis!
Today, is the big day!

The Wakfu closed Beta is finally available in English! You’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time and your wait is finally over!
Wakfu Beta keys will be handed out by a select few of our partner websites! Wakfu’s future is in your hands!

To experience this fabulous adventure, just register your precious access keys on our Beta page!
Now that we’ve done a feature on spells in Wakfu and another on turn-based combat, it’s time to explain spell zones and conditions in the game. Immolation, Hemorrhage, Immunity and Adrenaline, are just a few of the effects you’ll be reading about this week.
Now that we’ve done a feature on spells in Wakfu and another on turn-based combat, it’s time to explain spell zones and conditions in the game. Immolation, Hemorrhage, Immunity and Adrenaline, are just a few of the effects you’ll be reading about this week.
This week, a new feature is being added all about the brand new approach to spells in Wakfu. How to progress through the 35 spell levels and the 5 spell branches, how to master spells, everything you need to know will be there. As usual, the debate is raging on the forum.
Wakfu 7 new screenshots Info - May 20, 2008
3 screenshots with an outstanding fight between brave adventurers and powerful Gobball warchiefs. Other than that, zoom on the Incarnam for the Srams, insight into the creatures training camp of the Osamodas and gathering at the Crâs’ tavern.
This week’s features page will tell you all you need to know about putting together your very own Linlinen Bag. From humble beginnings with a Linlinen plant, you’ll learn how to create a Spool of Linlinen and how to use all the machines you need to make this handy item. Rekindle the crafter-gather deep inside you this week!
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