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It’s always tough to face a Cra: when he releases his grip, you know you’re in trouble! Discover the archers of Krosmaster Arena!

Discover the first part of the changes that will be implemented with the next updated, deployed on October 30th.

While all prepare for the celebration of Al Howin as expected, dark powers work in the shadows and threaten the safety of the World of Twelve. In taverns, a word jumps from lips to lips without ever being said out loud: curse. And anxiety grows while a feared date approaches: October 25th

Inside Ankama, your voice of rightousness in a world of misery, has returned! Let Izmar, Troyle and Macha talk you through the new hotness coming soon for DOFUS and WAKFU. Don't worry, we're not crazy, our mothers had us tested.

It’s not the first time they make themselves known… Their dark souls and code of honor are just like their armors: flawless! The Dark Knights swore an oath to Krosmaster Arena. Will you dare challenge them?

Shelves, vitrines and counters are filling up: the WAKFU Boutique brims with novelties! Come and discover all the latest items, to stay at the cutting-edge of fashion!

Al Howin is getting closer, but you still have one week left to submit your entry to our “Foggernauts celebrate Al Howin” contest, and maybe win one of the prizes!

Wakfu Devblog: Haven Worlds Info - October 19, 2012

As part of our continuing endeavour to give more responsibility to the players, Haven Worlds are soon to make an appearance in WAKFU. Real worlds that can be built and managed, they are a special feature of the MMORPG universe that will demand commitment from the entire community. Let us explain!

Be careful! It is said that Ecaflips like to play with the life of their opponent like a cat with a wool ball. Discover these luck warriors in Krosmaster Arena!

Help your friend discover DOFUS and WAKFU, you’ll be rewarded thanks to Tofukaze! And until October 29th, you’ll even get twice more gifts!

Far from taking it easy, the hero who’s never afraid of getting his hands wet makes his arrival in Krosmaster Arena… Percimol the Puddly gives them the creeps!

That’s right, the mechanized class is now available to everyone! With their will of iron, Foggernauts are known for getting on the nerves of their opponents, bringing their moral down to zero. If you’re programmed to win, your new mission is clear: play a Foggernaut!

Learn more about the story of the formidable Magmog, how to face him, and what rewards to expect in our new Devblog.

From October 15th to 29th, the mechanized Clawbot pet will grab onto your subscription! The beast has claws full of Stasis and iron all around, making it a formidable ally. Based on the Foggernauts technology, it can accompany any adventurer, no matter his class, and provide up to +15% damage and +15% Resist to all elements (at max level). Get it before it’s too late!

Tomorrow, the Foggernauts will make their final entrance in WAKFU. Did you already ask yourself how they’d react when first facing the celebration of Al Howin? How would they cut the pumpkin? How would they dress up? Would their mechanized stomach survive the sweets? You can tell us what you think by participating to our fanart contest!

Always stealthy, but ready to set the world on fire: Rogues sneak in Krosmaster Arena! Discover the masters of diversion in Krosmaster Arena!

Shelves, vitrines and counters are filling up: the WAKFU Boutique brims with novelties! Come and discover all the latest items, to stay at the cutting-edge of fashion!

Wakfu Devblog : Crafting Revamp Info - October 11, 2012

Find out about the crafting revamp that will be implemented in the next update. Learn about the new recipes, and how the existing ones will be modified in our new Devblog.

Osamodas don’t follow like a Gobball and are more the type to take the Moowolf by the horns! Discover the Osamodoas in Krosmaster Arena!

40 episodes! It's been over a year since we started Inside Ankama On Air, and we'd just like to take this moment to thank you all for listening, for sending us your questions, your amazing performances, your encouragement and comments, and most of all, for playing. We love you guys!

Outdated name, youthful mistake, lame wordplay or just feel like changing? You can now rename your characters in WAKFU!

If you want to know everything about the next update, deployed on October 2nd, here is a first part of the changelog that will tell you about the new content that will be implemented.

Wakfu The Whispering Island Info - September 27, 2012

Curious about the Whispering Island, the next Adventure Island to be implemented in WAKFU? Then read our Devblog!

Fifth and last video of our series about the rules of Kromaster Arena, today Izmar and Troyle tell you about the various tokens that can be used in the game.