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From January 23rd to January 29th, give priority to your Haven Bag!

WAKFU will soon celebrate its first anniversary, and we decided to mark the occasion! Visit of the Ankama office, meeting and discussion with the development team, games and drinks… Discover how we’re going to make February 22nd Legend…. Wait for it…

Wakfu Krosmaster Arena: Update Info - January 22, 2013

An update was deployed on Krosmaster Arena this morning. Discover the changes the were implemented.

Wakfu Your Community Reward Info - January 18, 2013

Remember this Krosmaster Community challenge? The one the International Community won by the sweat of her brow! Well now is time to receive your reward.

We're back, baby! Macha, Izmar, and Troyle are back to kick off 2013 with an all new Inside Ankama On Air podcast! What wonderful things will we reveal this time? Read on to find out!

A month after the release of Krosmaster Arena, it’s now time to complete the series of challenges started with the activation of the expansion, and have a look at the next evolutions of the game and its ladder.

You have until January 22nd to populate your pet collection!

Wakfu A Kwismas that never ends Info - January 11, 2013

Don’t pack up your Kwismas decorations yet! There’s still some World of Kwismas left!

New Year, new wardrobe! Nothing better than a makeover to get off on the right foot.

Ankama and MMOGames team up to offer you an exclusive item giveaway! The Hoglian Swords of War could be yours with just a few clicks!

The inter-community ladder is about to end, but will be replaced by another competition! Take time to applaud the International Community and throw yourself back into Krosmaster Arena! Fight DOFUS players until January 14th (10am GMT) to win a week-end with 100% bonus experience!

Wakfu An offer you cannot refuse! Info - December 28, 2012

This year, Father Kwismas is making an offer you cannot refuse: 50% off FLY’N on the Ankama Shop, only between 28 and 31 December. So don’t wait too long, all good things must come to an end!

It’s Christmas time! But it doesn’t stop us from filling our shelves with fantastic items! Come take a look at what’s new today.

Starting on Tuesday December 25th and through Thursday December 27th, any player subscribed to WAKFU can get a discount of 700 OGR on their purchases in the e-shop!

Wakfu Join Dathura, get cookies Info - December 20, 2012

While everyone is preparing for the end of the world, in WAKFU, we prepare a new adventure: the new server Dathura! And to help you rebuild after the apocalypse: double fight XP for everyone!

The Krosmaster Arena ladder contest is now over, make room for a new contest, community vs community: reach the top ranking of the ladder and help your server win a weekend with 50% XP bonus!

New subscription pets are now available!

From one month to one year, there will be some for everyone. Don’t waste a minute! Discover these pets and there stats before the world ends…

It's the final podcast episode of 2012... it's been a big year for DOFUS and WAKFU; we're so happy that you've joined us for this experience! But we're going out on a high note with an hour-long episode of Inside Ankama On Air!

You always dreamt of fortune and glory? Time to get your hands dirty: your opponents are waiting for you, ready for the struggle! As a reward, many exclusive items: will you be up to the task?!

Wakfu Kwismas is coming Info - December 14, 2012

Brace yourselves, the World of Kwismas, with its gifts and snowball fights, is coming!

Wakfu WAKFU Update: Holiday on Ice Info - December 13, 2012

Discover the changes that will be implemented with the next updated, deployed on December 18th.

Twelve Twelve Twelve… That’s something that only happens once a century! It doesn’t take more than that to justify a celebration, which is why we’ll give you a special gift!

On this day of 12.12.12, not only do we add novelties to the WAKFU Boutique, but we also offer you a significant discount!

It’s time to find new figurines in your favorite MMORPG and find them worthy opponents! Show you are up to the task and you may get exclusive items in WAKFU (pets, candies…). You can now unleash your tactical sense and satisfy your internal need to pown noobs in KROSMASTER Arena!