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If you’ve always dreamt of paying Ogrest a visit and giving him a good hiding, then you’re in for a treat! The Gods are smiling down on you, brave adventurers, for an incredible challenge awaits!
This week: It's a short and snappy episode of Inside Ankama On Air! We'll talk about Frigost 3 and marriage and divorce in Wakfu. We'll also draw the winner of last week's EPIC NPC THEATER. Are you ready? Well, let's go!
To thank all the players who have been active during WAKFU’s beta phase, we are pleased to announce that, as of today, you can reserve your nickname and guild name absolutely free!
After Amakna, Sufokia and Brakmar, you thought there wouldn't have any more chance to participate in the street naming of the World of Twelve? You did not count on Bonta!
WAKFU’s release is almost here! Ogrest’s tears have left everything in ruins and pioneers are desperately needed to help reconstruct the world! Panic not, for you will be generously rewarded… Subscribe in advance now and from the 29th February you can enjoy exclusive gifts reserved for the world’s first adventurers! Of course, anyone can turn up on the day… but they’ll have a tough time looking as classy as you!
Jeu en ligne Inside Ankama - Episode 17 Info - February 02, 2012
Questions about DOFUS and WAKFU have you? Listen to Inside Ankama you must! Episode 17 is here for your edification and entertainment!
Who hasn’t dreamed of a Bow Meow or a Gobball happily running at their feet? The pets are coming to the WAKFU universe!
Discover the adorable companions of our future adventures!
February 29th doesn’t come by every year, so we’ve decided to celebrate in style! An extraordinary day calls for an extraordinary release… Timing is important after all, so let’s get it right! All of us at Ankama are proud to announce that the WAKFU MMORPG will officially be released on Wednesday, 29th February 2012!
The Gruesome Twosome are back, and they've got a new segment for the show that you will not want to miss. Trust us! Also, Mascha has a new contest where you could win 9000 Ogrines. You'll have to listen to learn more!
The Year of Twelve has just begun, and Ankama On Air is back again! Episode 15 has Izmar and Mascha back in the studio, bringing you the latest Ankama news!
Are you ready to catch them all? In Content Update 0.311, become an assassin for hire as a new Sram’s Shadow character class or explore new character builds as additional characteristics, such as Perception or Agility, are introduced! But that’s not all, folks —discover everything that version 0.311 has to offer in: “A Perceptive Shadow.”
New Year is right around the corner and the preparations for the sumptuous celebrations are on their way! For this occasion, the Ankama-Team would like to offer you a set of beautiful Fairyworks to light up the sky on December 31st!
Today, learn everything about all the wonderful contests running for the international community and about the upcoming WAKFU Update that includes the very feared character wipe!
You chose him in a fierce battle! Read the whole adventure, find out who won the very first WAKFU-subscriptions and discover how Millennia gets back at Remington for his victory!
The 4th of January 2012, the patch 0.311 will be deployed in WAKFU. While you wait for the announcement of the complete list of the updates and content, discover now the main changes planned for this update !
Wakfu Celebrate Kwismas in WAKFU! Info - December 22, 2011
Descendre, month of the first snowfalls. But the inhabitants of the World of Twelve are not ready to freeze just yet! Get your most beautiful decorations ready and your warmest Boowolf fur boots, for Kwismas is about to begin!
We have great news for you all: the highly anticipated Sram’s Shadow character class is set to debut within the next WAKFU Content Update! Arriving January 4th, have a peek at what these master assassins have in store for the World of Twelve.
Today's podcast couldn't be more exclusive! We have got news for you that you won't find anywhere else! A special Gobbowl Tournament, the lucky winners of the WAKFU subscriptions - everything is in Inside Ankama On Air!
Wakfu One Last Choice to Make! Info - December 16, 2011
Get ready for the epic battle between two legendary heroes! On one side, Remington, the present leader of the game. On the other side the young and courageous challenger: Millennia! Who will win? It's up to you to decide!
Do you want to hear how William and Mascha manage to break everything in the Inside Ankama On Air studio, just because Izmar isn't there to tame them?? Discover it now, in this week's episode! :D
You have all been waiting for this! Quick, discover the five finalists of our grand server name contest, give your unique vote to your favorite and win one of five 1-month WAKFU subscriptions!
Izmar is singing in this podcast! But that's not the only reason you have to listen to it! Find out everything about Kwismas Island, the frozen Tofu and the five finalists of our great WAKFU server naming contest!
To keep track of the game’s evolutions, some sections of the website have been updated: it’s a perfect occasion to check your knowledge of all the game’s mechanics!
Wakfu Server contest: News Flash! Info - December 02, 2011
There's news about the great Server Contest running for just an other four days! Listen to this exklusive News Flash and learn everything about the possibilities you have to let your imagination run wild!
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