Let your creativity show with the first of the thematic Booster Packs! From today until January 15th, Special Craft Booster Packs will be appearing in your WAKFU shop. Get one now!

Don't know how to put your 10 digits to good use? (Or 20, if you're particularly good with your toes). We do! A new type of thematic Booster Packs is making its appearance in your online shop, and the Special Craft Booster Packs are the first to be released!

Available today until January 15th, they contain:

  • 30 day Booster: 1 Exceptional Artipotion + 1 Smithmagic Hammer + 1 Snoofle pet
  • 90 day Booster: 3 Exceptional Artipotions + 3 Smithmagic Hammers + 1 Snoofle pet
  • 180 day Booster: 6 Exceptional Artipotions + 6 Smithmagic Hammers + 1 Snoofle pet
  • 360 day Booster: 12 Exceptional Artipotions + 12 Smithmagic Hammers + 1 Snoofle pet
The Exceptional Artipotion is a consumable item, which has the following effects, lasting for one hour:
  • 100% Crafting Speed
  • 100% Planting Speed
  • 100% Harvesting Speed

The Smithmagic Hammer can be used instead of a rune for improvements in smithmaging.

The Snoofle pet at Level 50, comes with 60 Health Points and 50% Harvesting Quantity for Miners.

As a reminder, with a Booster Pack, you will be able to:
  • Earn additional XP during battles and quests.
  • Have a better chance of getting more items at the end of a battle.
  • Access sneak previews of the latest zones and content.
  • Earn more Kamas at the end of the battle.
  • Get an XP bonus for your second character (depending on its level).
  • Get one, three, six or twelve consumable Mystery Boxes depending on the duration of the Booster Pack you've chosen.
  • Get twice as many tokens at the end of the main dungeons.

For more information, click here.

Just in case you weren't already aware, Booster Packs no longer have sever limitations. You can now hop from one server to another, play all the characters in your account wherever they are, and still receive the Booster Pack benefits!

Don't be shy about telling us what you think of these thematic Booster Packs and giving us some ideas for the upcoming ones!