Dreaming to give a lesson to your neighboor from Brakmar with a blow to his face? Get ready, it will be possible soon! 

Well no, you're not dreaming, combats between players will soon be a celebration of their own! So get ready, warriors from the World of Twelve, because it is going to be time for war and very soon you will have a nation to defend!

Do not go too far yet, we are planning to share more information with you in the coming days!

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Lord Madgobb
Gynrei 22 August 2014 18:04

Cute video btw.
Bellaphone Lover
WNxSidewinder 22 August 2014 18:07
Most excellent.
Lord Madgobb
Rokugatsu 22 August 2014 18:15
Featherless Piwi
COSJESTNIETAK 22 August 2014 18:41
Ugly Gobball
Trachinus-Draco 22 August 2014 18:48
War. War never changes...
Ugly Gobball
Lost-Time 22 August 2014 19:43
war.. what about the ones who want to be neutral?
Featherless Piwi
Saurol 22 August 2014 19:49
ooohhh yeah, you are going to be neutral......IZED!!!!!
Lazy Bow Meow
okofire 22 August 2014 22:01
Finally some pvp, Thank you ankama.
Squited Arachnee
Nsuidara 22 August 2014 22:03
i want be neutral ..