The life of the Gods is not always as exciting as you think. Behind the glitz and glamour lies an evil that sometimes eats them on the inside: BOREDOM. To chase it away and have a better time, Sadida has a fine method to experiment, mix, combine and ultimately create! But this can lead to strange results... 

Originally this doll was created to distract her God accompanying Sadida on the wildest adventures as first intended to. Alas, quickly the doll revealed to be a strong character. Sadida made ​​every effort to soften the doll, but she could only say no, no, no, no, no, nooo...

Sadida then had no choice but to separate Filacia from the other dolls, since it was wiser doing so, and isolating her in a small private garden. .

Starting this week, you will have the opportunity to face Filacia as she is the official WAKFU boss of the Ankama Convention which takes place from May 2nd to the 4th in Lille, France!

And since the particular aspect of weeds is to spread themselves, Filacia is no exception to the rule! Rub yourself against this sharp character and you will leave with perhaps a Filacia as a Sidekick! And an exclusive one! Be careful, however: all that is small is not necessarily cute...


You now understand it right: Filacia is a future Sidekick that you will have the chance to find in the game this year. Only players having beaten her at conventions or other special events may have her with them immediately! For all the others, they will have to be patient... 

Assemble a team of three people, arm yourself with courage and dare to go play with dolls! Warning: you will only have 10 turns to overcome this tenacious plant and not one more! 

For the occasion and to highlight this unique boss, LDLC joins Ankama by providing players with PCs that will allow them to beat the terrible Filacia! As a major presence in the online sale of computer hardware and components, LDLC accompany the players during these three days to provide them with the best technology.

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Lord Madgobb
Kikuihimonji 30 April 2014 13:23
I want to belive its a way to make us love sadida more, to make ourself a team of sadida+trank+filacia, but no matter what i keep thinking they are more interested in making cool sidekicks instead of making cool classes. Sidekicks make money for them afterall.
Soundtrack8 30 April 2014 13:53

(FurmentalAlchemy @ 30 April 2014 02:15) *
Thankyou so much for the link ^^

But jesus. Spine jet,, that icon...
elpidio99 02 May 2014 19:19
ooh a company

i need know where she is
SeriousBelly 03 May 2014 17:20

(Soundtrack8 @ 30 April 2014 13:53) *

(FurmentalAlchemy @ 30 April 2014 02:15) *
Thankyou so much for the link ^^

But jesus. Spine jet,, that icon...
Booby Blaster!!!

andejnosal 14 September 2014 14:58
how to found help me