The arrival of the Protoflex overshadows the Multimen... To return to the light Trank, Krobax, Skale and Beelzebug divide their price by two to multiply the bread by 4 in front of your opponents. Warning! This is only for a very limited time: from April 4th to the 6th, get  your hands on them for 2900 OG each!


Still hesitating to complete your strategy collection with an elementary Multiman? It is now or never to boost it! Choose your new sidekick among these 4 Multimen:

KROBAX: Brother in Arms "Air", he has an important advantage: the placing capacity advantage and out of the ordinary movement. This is normal since Justice can give you wings!
BEELZEBUG: Brother in Arms "Fire", a specialist in ranged attacks, its primary mission is to have your back but be careful that he does not put roast your behind!
TRANK: Brother in Arms "Earth", he takes roots in the frontline, preventing your opponents from reaching you, and if they do not understand that they will not pass... they will end six feet under!
SKALE: Brother in Arms "Water," he wets his shirt like no one else for his allies, and always find the right wave to come support his team! Beware of the sleeping water, especially when a fin appears on the surface!


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Comments (2)
Tofurby on Diet
Dormammu 04 April 2014 18:37
If I was able to buy Ogrines, i would buy them.

Please Ankama, fix the ogrines system!
Lazy Bow Meow
Dubsyndrome 04 April 2014 21:05
Get right to the card payment screen and it doesn't work... Was looking forward to bagging beelze and skale on the cheap guess I'll have to wait for the next sale.