With the opening of the Beta server, we informed you that we would regularly put the spotlight on its content. Starting Friday 21/02, you will have the opportunity to take your first steps on Saharash, the island does not lack spice!


On February 21st starting at 1 PM GMT / 8 AM EST / 5 AM PST the Beta server will open its doors to a new destination: Saharash.

If you want to discover and give us your thoughts on the first part of this new island, you will only need to simply log onto the Beta server. At level 115, you will be offered a quest to get there by boat.

If you wish to join, just make sure to download and install one of these versions of the Updater:
You will then be able to access the Beta server normally via your login and password as usual. 

All of your characters will be imported with your Sidekick to the Beta server as they will be on Monday 27/01. 

Attention: Please note that this server does not give you access to the interface gift, or the Boutique, or to Krosmaster.

Also note that changes to your characters on the Beta server will not be reflected on your original server. In addition, since it is a Beta server, all the content is to be noted as being under development, we may have to restart/update it at any time

Please keep in mind that the contents of this server is subject to change and further balancing, and doesn't necessarily reflect the final quality of the content present in-game.

To facilitate testing and enable us to get a maximum amount of feedback, we placed next to the Almanax Temple a Machine to obtain equipment items and various consumables (respec, experience scroll, etc.) 

Finally, we invite you to share with us any feedback on unique topics that will be created for this purpose in the forum category "Beta Server". We also invite you to report the various bugs that you may find here (while of course using the usual bug report template). 

Thank you in advance for your participation and happy testing!
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GrimackReapum 19 February 2014 16:16
So if you're not over 115 there's no point in checking out the beta server at the moment, correct?
piccolamomo 19 February 2014 16:26
first part isle? min lvl 115 ! sabi for enter in this isle lvl min 115 ok ! this isle is ugual at sberg isle where lvl min is 100 for take boat but the isle is for lvl 100-130??? the isle is for lvl ?

sorry for my orrible english xD
Elithril 19 February 2014 16:37

(GrimackReapum @ 19 February 2014 16:16) *
So if you're not over 115 there's no point in checking out the beta server at the moment, correct?
You can get EXP-scrolls at the Almanax croupier. You can use them till you get Lvl 120.
saphiLC2 19 February 2014 16:41
vvvv until lvl 145*
cbunny 19 February 2014 18:17
A new area sounds awesome. I want to know more.
It's sort of a surprise since we've gotten no letter or road map in many months. I was really hoping Wakfu's would be released right with Dofus (being that this is the newer game??)

I'm sorry to be negative but my patience is running out. If there was time to implement and post this why can't we at least get a simple letter about what is being worked on right now. ALL the questions we have, that we are begging for.

Please Sabi, we've been asking for this information for months*

*Drop tables broken with ZERO news for 3 months now going into 4.
TommyTrouble 19 February 2014 18:41
You're doing it wrong Ankama.

The title needs to be:

Beta Server: Drop Lock/Rate Revamp Arrives!

You can pop out a new Island each month, and all we're going to do is scream and thrash about frothing at the mouth, until we get a humane drop rate implemented live ingame. I'm sorry, but there are consequences to ruining the playing experience and then not fixing it as promised.
Seguchi-sama 19 February 2014 19:00
Stuffing our mouths with new islands won't make us forget about the things we're really waiting for. Droprates/pp lock, arenas, tokens, classes. Please no more new content until you manage to do something with old problems.
Gynrei 19 February 2014 19:10
Wakfu feels like the red headed step child of Dofus.
TommyTrouble 19 February 2014 19:15
Yeah, I'll pass on any new Islands until we get back our Mobile Arenas, thank you very much.
Why must Ankama do the wrong things first and good things last when it comes to Wakfu?

This needs to have changed last year. It absolutely must this year.