Read the final changelog for the Update of December 10. And as a bonus, we give you an exclusive video displaying some of the main contents!

The complete changelog can be found here.

See you in-game!
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Gappa 10 December 2013 12:35

localhost 10 December 2013 - 01:37
да, да, да, мы этого обновления ждем!11
ну да нафик кому это нужно
соло эну или эну в мини паке в жопе, а в рекламе мы нагнем нубасов с 0%res
150pp lol
what about lvlcap?

you may wanna use full eng, as i am sure the Dev/99% of ppl here dont know !"#
i dont try to be a A## olny try to help

perssi 10 December 2013 - 09:32
i got proxy problem!Plese fix it!!!!!!!

I got biggg problem,my profile is milanc and i got wakfu verision 1.29.1.,but current is 1.30.2. Plese fix it,and i will subscive!!

it is 10 Dec to day and the server will be down Alot to day, if server is down it will say
"No proxy availble"
neroatsushi 10 December 2013 15:37
are we going to become guard for full time like stay in a place waiting for them and if they try passing throw, we have to kill them?if so I think it will be funny but look out afk'er.
of course it's probably not that but making some f2p guard would be fun...
kurokat 11 December 2013 06:58
Really jeumedia? You posted this in three different News Threads and of course you posted a fourth in the Exp Revamp Devblog Thread as well.

To top it off you couldn't even bring yourself to write out a proper sentence.

All in all, I could only laugh at you that you think the new experience curve is a failure. While you may get less experience per kill, you don't need as much to level anymore (such as in the 140's before needing 5+ mil exp to level, now needing 3+ mil, is a much appreciated improvement).

Possibly did you not read the changes in that Exp Revamp Devblog? It was done quite well.

- Kat