It has been already a week that you have shared with us your feedback on the Multimen. New classes, incarnations, wanted notice: All bids are open and you went all in! And some of you have found out...

If Multimen are presented to you as a revolution in the game, it is because they can completely change the way you play!

In addition to being vigilantes come to help maintain justice, the Multimen are the first 6 characters to introduce the sidekick system to WAKFU. When you call them, Lumino, Skale, Krobax, Trank, Beelzebug, and Shadow will leap to your aid, under your direction!

If the means of getting your new Brothers in Arms are still in the heart of the debate at Ankama, know that you will be kept updated on our ideas, lines of thought, and incredible twists for this special new feature starting Tuesday November 19th during the first episode of ANKAMA OFFICE!

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Lord Madgobb
Rokugatsu 18 November 2013 12:29
I'm afraid it will be even harder to find a party after they are released if people will be able to summon them instead of waiting for other players...
Like it wouldn't be hard enough now.
VisionCelestia 18 November 2013 22:08
Shadow = Big dude in the background.

Lumino = Fox in the middle.

Skale = The Blue fish dude.

Krobax = The Owl looking characters.

Trank = The brown tree person.

Beelzebug = the Red insect looking thing.
TommyTrouble 19 November 2013 07:33
I wonder where we can view this episode of Ankama Orifice?
emeraldfighter 19 November 2013 15:18
When Can we expect to see first episode of anakama office? cant wait to see some multiman plans
TommyTrouble 19 November 2013 15:23
Been digging around online for this video, haven't seen anything posted yet. Bleh.
Ancient Eradicator
GodIsWithUs 19 November 2013 15:39
Expect it around 16h as usually. Dofus had a live feed of the Multiman system yesterday. Wakfu should follow the same way, though spells will be different most likely to accommodate the difference in battle system. But to sum it up they are group fillers as expected, take up a player spot and are the same level as the player, but do not count towards drops. Also, they will be weaker than players and are PvM only. So basically they are useful for leveling, but not for high level dungeons and drops. On a final note, there will be an new equipment slot for them since they are an item, and they will also decrease your initiative.
TommyTrouble 19 November 2013 15:56
Yeah I was looking at the Dofus live recording on twitch just now. It looks like a good spread of ability across the Multimen for Dofus, so I am expecting some decent stuff for Wakfu.

Looking forward to it
Grizzled Dandelion
Frost-Byte 19 November 2013 16:10
The stream for people who missed it (keep in mind it was only for dofus atm )