Summer finally reached the World of Twelve! After the freezing temperatures of Chillberg Island, barter your winter outfits for Bikisets, and come warm up on the beach of Bilbyza, the island where the party never ends!

With dungeons, quests, dance floor and other jelly activities, all ingredients should be here for a party that’s will go down in history!
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saphiLC 22 July 2013 16:54

(deaththekidsymmetry @ 22 July 2013 12:53) *
cool I wonder where the Island is! I think I can't find it anyway
and I noticed a pacman minigame?
thats just awsome
i also noticed plants vs zombies mini game  
shadow-glits 24 July 2013 02:34
wiggle you jiggle and groove to the jelly party
Eidolus 24 July 2013 05:00
oh hell yes
looking forward to THIS one.
Lazy Bow Meow
xangeline 29 July 2013 20:05
wooaaaa i like it

i'm french sorry
Lazy Bow Meow
tttooopppyyy 30 July 2013 07:58
i like music
Narcissistic Larva
mimimiiini 30 July 2013 08:25
does the mob on this island captureable ?
Lead Community Manager
[Troyle] 30 July 2013 10:18

(mimimiiini @ 30 July 2013 08:25) *
does the mob on this island captureable ?

Not yet, but they might become later.
Master2of2Darkness 31 July 2013 00:05
lol the island music is alot diffrent from the trailers