A last batch of auctions will begin tomorrow! Time to have a final look at the current auctions on Remington, Nox and Amara.

Here’s a summary of the auctions schedule.



Now, let’s take a look at the current auctions (prices taken at 1:30 PM GMT / 9:30 AM EST / 6:30 AM PST):


Most expensive – Remington: 1 000, Nox: 400, Amara: 100
Least expensive – Remington: 400, Nox: 100, Amara: 0


Most expensive – Remington: 170 900, Nox: 800, Amara: 100
Least expensive – Remington: 300, Nox: 100, Amara: 0


Most expensive – Remington: 500, Nox: 600, Amara: 0
Least expensive – Remington: 100, Nox: 100, Amara: 0


Most expensive – Remington: 700, Nox: 700, Amara: 100
Least expensive – Remington: 200, Nox: 300, Amara: 0
Tomorrow at 7 PM (server time), the following Haven Worlds will be put on auctions:
  • Amakna - Holey Forest - Jetty
  • Amakna - Holey Forest
  • Amakna - Emelka Village
  • Amakna - Crusty Road - West
  • Bonta - 5th Bond Avenue - East
  • Bonta - Cania Swamps
  • Bonta - Kara
  • Bonta - Thicket of Yurbut
  • Brakmar - Weapons Bridge - Center
  • Brakmar - Sidimote Moors
  • Brakmar - Gnashville
  • Brakmar - Pabong Fields
  • Sufokia - Gutted Plaza - West
  • Sufokia - Jumpin' Jungle
  • Sufokia - Steamulating Shore - North
  • Sufokia - Steamulating Shore - Center

As a reminder, to participate in the auctions your guild must be level 3, and only the leader (or anyone with the appropriate rights) can bid. Bids will be of a fixed amount: 100 Kamas until the auction reaches 1000, then 200 Kamas until 2000, and so on. Kamas are directly taken from your Guild Bank, and given back once another guild bids higher than you.

To those who will become owner of the very first Haven Worlds of the World of Twelve, here’s a small reminder on how to get started with your acquisition!
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Bellaphone Lover
dura-cell 17 July 2013 18:35

(Shaleigh1 @ 17 July 2013 18:27) *
Make a new character, let it bid, problem solved.
That's a lame strategy too.

Ankama should make better rules for the whole process.
theSunLike 17 July 2013 19:37
Banks were bugged today. And whats more frustrating - to find it out in last seconds of auction.
Grizzled Dandelion
appluna 18 July 2013 00:12
Bankers still all on strike ~~~
HW sold for 100k  
kurokat 18 July 2013 06:51
Thankfully I wasn't bidding on a haven world this last time, but I feel for my friends guild who could not add kama to the bank, so they could not bid high enough on the world they wanted (and they had more kama).

Hopefully before this week is up, they fix the bank as I'm trying for a Haven World this week and we only have so much in our bank (crossing fingers it's enough, but if we could add more, that would be wondrous).

- Kat
Rimali 18 July 2013 07:41
It would be great to knew the region and koordinates of the next newly added havenworlds as soon as possible. Those which are planned to come witth the update in less than two weeks.
theSunLike 25 July 2013 09:06
moved here  
TrunksZevahc 27 July 2013 02:49
whats the amara server