Beginning in WAKFU? Want to start from scratch once again? The Starter Pack is for you! Begin directly with one month subscription and all the items you’ll need to discover the game!

The Starter pack is available in the Boutique alongside the other classical subscription offers.

For only 10€ / 11,9 USD / 8,9 GBP, you will get to discover the World of Twelve comfortably with just the little push that will help you get started!

In this pack, you will get:
  • 1 Blubba Ring, providing +10 Wisdom (the stat increasing experience gain) until level 30
  • 1 Detectulet, providing +20 Prospecting (the stat increasing drop chances) until level 30
  • 1 Wakfu painting to decorate your Haven Bag
  • 1 Twoo Luv Dye to customize your Wodent pet
  • 10 Fairyworks to bring light into the game
  • 3 Tofus to play “Tofukaze”, the sponsorship minigame allowing you to invite your friends
  • A reduction of 200 Ogrines on your next purchase in the WAKFU Boutique*
And also, the usual gifts coming with your one month subscription:
  • 1 Wodent pet
  • 8 Little Wisdom Candies
  • 8 Prospecting Candies
  • 1 Deco Haven-Gem
With one month of subscription time and all these gifts, you’ll get to begin your journey serenely.
And if you’re not a beginner and just want to start anew, the Starter Pack is also available for you!
*Offer only available once per account, for the first Starter Pack purchased with this account and only on items over 200 in the category "Items".
Comments (11) Comment on the forum...
Warrada 17 July 2013 17:27
It's a nice idea but level 30 seems a bit low. Maybe that's only because I personally didn't sub until I had characters around 20-25.
First Level 200 - Amara
Axxort 17 July 2013 18:55
Why i can´t buy it with ogrinen?
S48GSII 17 July 2013 18:56
"joke about fairyworks"
ThyHolyOverlord 17 July 2013 20:17
its a good idea for new players ^^
Pakonitan 17 July 2013 20:26
Great incentive for beginners. Now you just need a veteran pack. XD
Soundtrack8 18 July 2013 12:01
Step in the right direction ^^imo the tutorial still needs some more work - info on willpower / further details on ap and mp / mechanics and leadership etc. I have found myself spending an hour or so (not that I dont mind - have met some cool people) explaining things that the players should know upon stepping into astrub.
Pretty shameful that you have to pay. then buy ogrines to use the discount though.
Madd1 20 July 2013 04:17
With the problem this game already has with Leeching, I don't think this is in anyway beneficial to the community.
Lazy Bow Meow
Myriad 22 July 2013 07:59
Hi! I'm new to the game.
Has anyone purchased the starter pack?
Is it a better deal than purchasing, say, more subscription time?
Featherless Piwi
thespacialguruofwater 23 July 2013 07:52
wisdom candies are lvl 30 ending , plz make it a higher lvl