WAKFU poll for Russian players Info - 2013-07-05 16:00

Because we value the opinion of all our players, even from our smaller communities, we’d like you to take part in a poll made available online especially for Russian players.

We believe that, if you play WAKFU, you must like it! But you also probably have some opinions you’d like to share. And we’d greatly appreciate to get your insights on a few topics, such as the game itself, your language preferences and your gaming habits.

This poll will help us know you better, see what you like in the game, discover what you consider as strength or a weakness, and understand your gaming habits, so we can try to improve the game accordingly.

The more people will participate to the poll, the more accurate and valuable the results. So don’t be shy, and be franc! It will only take about 5-8 minutes and could really help us both!

You’ll find the WAKFU poll dedicated to your country here.

Thank you for your participation!

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