In order to thank you for your patience following the difficulties of these last days, we decided to offer you a free weekend on WAKFU!

Still catching up with the time wasted in maintenances and hotfix these last days?

From Friday, July 5th, 4 PM GMT / 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST until Monday, July 8th, 7 AM GMT / 3 AM EST / 12 AM PST, you will be able to play the entire content of WAKFU for free, without any Non Subscriber restrictions!
A good opportunity to check out the Haven Worlds freshly purchased and discover this brand new feature!
Those of you who already have an active membership during the weekend will see 2 additional subscription day credited to their account next week!
Have fun!
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Gynrei 05 July 2013 16:10
Thank you.
RaZept 05 July 2013 17:34
I'm calling my friend to try full wakfu.  
Lead Community Manager
[Troyle] 05 July 2013 18:03
The Free Weekend has now been activated! Enjoy!
krishsakti 05 July 2013 18:17
Thanks Troyle!
Happy weeeekend !!  
Lazy Bow Meow
jlmaples 05 July 2013 19:50
I wish I could get a pet as a present again because I deleted the character with the pet
TommyTrouble 06 July 2013 07:43
my face is hurting from being sad that you let the unwashed masses out of Astrub for the weekend. My arms are sore from strangling them.
Lazy Bow Meow
jlmaples 07 July 2013 18:36
creators of this game can u please send me a bunny pet because I was subscribed and I never got one it makes me sad that everyone else has one except for me and nobody will give me theirs
Featherless Piwi
Kaylie77 07 July 2013 19:16
I think its weird how they notice us nonsubs, but don't give us any new content. The last thing they gave us was the larva dungeon. They seem to be taking away from us (the token machines) instead of giving us more.

Just cause i cant afford to sub doesn't I don't wanna have fun playing Wakfu. My cra is level 47 haven't payed a single dollar.
Gojiberry 08 July 2013 04:45
Serenade-Omega 08 July 2013 17:36
...the Fourth of July weekend wasn't the most effective weekend to give a couple of free days, since it is a holiday weekend and many players (including myself) are away from the computer for the whole weekend... though since the game is based in Europe, I do understand their perspective...