In order to thank you for your patience following the difficulties of these last days, we decided to offer you a free weekend on WAKFU!

Still catching up with the time wasted in maintenances and hotfix these last days?

From Friday, July 5th, 4 PM GMT / 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST until Monday, July 8th, 7 AM GMT / 3 AM EST / 12 AM PST, you will be able to play the entire content of WAKFU for free, without any Non Subscriber restrictions!
A good opportunity to check out the Haven Worlds freshly purchased and discover this brand new feature!
Those of you who already have an active membership during the weekend will see 2 additional subscription day credited to their account next week!
Have fun!

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Comments (46) Comment on the forum...
deandip 04 July 2013 20:09
Happy 5th, 6th, 7th and partially 8th of July everybody!
aquabeauty 04 July 2013 20:58
wooo :3 My sub just ended, thanks for leaving me try out haven world... lets see if I quit or not

SeriousFace 04 July 2013 22:25
evangeline-AMALIA2000 04 July 2013 23:10
Wow, it's nice!!!!!!!!
Asthis 04 July 2013 23:47
The last time they did F2P for everybody was in March I think, and it got me hooked.
MikuH4tsun3 05 July 2013 00:30
They should do this more often to let all the newer ppl have premium access to get them hooked on it to subscribe
Ugly Gobball
CupcakeKarma 05 July 2013 00:34
TinyLaNorthio 05 July 2013 03:21
all I can say...thank you!!
Lazy Bow Meow
Rodrigomafs 05 July 2013 04:37
all this is for try to say sorry about the bugs and lags??
Ugly Gobball
Sundown01 05 July 2013 07:01
You guys are a class act compared to some of the other game companies out there. Thank You!