This weekend, Ankama is joining the celebration of comics, games, anime, and geek culture that is MCM Comic Con London! We will have games, prizes, swag, giveaways, computers set up where you can play DOFUS and WAKFU, and a shop jammed full of merch so adorable your face could melt off

Top ten reasons to come to MCM London this weekend:
  1. Meet your fellow gamers and give them hugs/indian burns, as appropriate.
  2. Shop for geek gear, comics, action figures, manga, trading cards, and other unique merch at the dealer stalls.
  3. Play DOFUS and WAKFU from the floor of the convention and lord it over your friends!
  4. Get special deals on Ankama artbooks, plushies, and toys without worrying about shipping costs.
  5. Participate in games of skill and chance (like Bilby Toss and Fight Your CCM) at the Ankama booth to win prizes both in-game and RL.
  6. Experience world-class cosplay at the the MCM Comic Con Theatre.
  7. Be one of the first people in the UK to try out the Krosmaster board game in English.
  8. Meet actors, authors, artists and directors from your favorite shows, animes, comics, movies, books and games.
  9. Play DDR and a host of retro console and arcade games at the Retro Gaming Theatre.
  10. Meet the DOFUS and WAKFU community team and improve your score in Six Degrees of Lichen!

So now you know what's waiting for you this weekend in London, head to the MCM site and get your tickets now!

As a reminder, any convention goes who visit our booth wearing WAKFU or DOFUS cosplay will receive a special gift from Ankama!

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Comments (12)
Lazy Bow Meow
ogma001 24 May 2013 23:37
Haha, it was nice seeing you guys there. You managed to sell me on the game
Lazy Bow Meow
Gri-Doo 27 May 2013 11:01
Hello Everyone,

Some fresh pics from the MCM for you while Troyle is taking a well-deserved rest following a busy week end...

Staff fixing the last details before the show opens:

First players testing DOFUS and WAKFU:

Great deals available at the Shop with lots of freebies:

The wheels of fortune allowing the win more freebies (and yes, it was Toyle and Izmar's drawings next to the character names):

Not only do they have a talent for drawing but they also rock as TV presenters:

More pictures will surely be coming soon.
Thank you to everyone who came and we met!
Community Helper
JerryDB 03 June 2013 21:15
I would have gone but I was in Russia.
Great pictures keep them coming.