We heard that Count Harebourg is about to challenge the entire world. Only the most creative will prevail!

Would you be ready to defend your country if Count Harebourg himself was to order it? Yes? Then prepare to prove it… In a few days, the Count himself will challenge you all. And you know, lateness isn’t an option…

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Overweighted Chafer
milordDen 29 April 2013 13:34
mda... I don't think taht someone can defeat it.)
Nanaers 29 April 2013 14:06
I cant wait for the dev blog, also this is being released tomorrow. correct?
Eccentric Moogrr
Moclon 29 April 2013 14:22
Yay for new content!
Tofurby on Diet
vinitsan 29 April 2013 14:37
Hmm interesting....It says defend your country!!! Is he going to challenge everyone in the 4 nations or just people on Chillberg????
Short Strich
KrzysztofAndrzej 29 April 2013 14:47
quest with fight vs count is bugged, cant finish it :/
Nox16 29 April 2013 15:02
oooo this seems fun.
spacecooky 29 April 2013 15:04
Maybe this is the new "Ogrest Chaos"? Bugs ahead  
LioVamp 29 April 2013 15:47
party kills the boss
their strat is announced as a bug abuse
boss gets buffed

(I do hope this will not happen)
Wilder than Wild Dragoturkey
RaVeN-Fifteen 29 April 2013 16:00
Challenge Accepted! :@