Krosmaster Arena update 1.10 will be implemented tomorrow (Tuesday, April 23). It will allow you to play Quentin Flush, the 42nd figurine available in Krosmaster Arena! The collection is now complete and the 42 showdown can begin!

Quentin Flush joins the party this Tuesday, April 23 and should make these Ecaflip fans happy! Its grey fur and Lottery spell will seduce you without a doubt… We also use the opportunity to fix the display of the Kroz won during the special double Kroz weekend; this should allow you to do your accounts rigorously!

You don’t have Quentin Flush yet? Don’t forget that Krosboxes are also directly available in the WAKFU Boutique! You can already get one and try your luck to get Quentin and his friends. And you can also always loot Krosboxes directly in WAKFU.
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Luceifer 22 April 2013 19:35
How to suck at Wakfu: Roll a Sadida.
Neuroid 22 April 2013 20:21
Yes, let's intoduce more cool figurines that no-one will ever use since the OP ones have already been established!
Short Strich
kewlkid123 22 April 2013 22:16
I'm just waiting for you guys to add Fecas to the figurine list.
crawfish33 22 April 2013 23:41
Quentin Flush was the first one I got.
TommyTrouble 22 April 2013 23:53
Can you really call it 2.0 without adding in the Demonic Rewards?

Lazy Bow Meow
Skoots 22 April 2013 23:59

(Tavish-DeGroot @ 22 April 2013 16:18) *

(aquabeauty @ 22 April 2013 15:33) *
jesus, why aren't you fixing the sadidas...

Because the team working on Krosmaster doesn't know anything about Sadida development?
That's true but =(

*feels the qq coming on*

They should really fix them, those nerfs were terrible
TommyTrouble 23 April 2013 00:52
No no no, in Krosmaster Arena, the Sadidas NEED nerfs.

Totally different games.
AntxOne 23 April 2013 01:25
The feca for the next season looks like sh*t. I hope they will change his look... and give him at least a shield
biscuit999 23 April 2013 03:52

(AntxOne @ 23 April 2013 01:25) *
The feca for the next season looks like sh*t. I hope they will change his look... and give him at least a shield
Where did you see it?  
Chronah 26 April 2013 13:56

when do more items for the krozshop (wakfu) come out?, just curious~