It’s been a long time since Ogrest Chaos, but some things just made it through the ages, and should not be awaken…
From April 16, land and explore the mysterious Chillberg Island!

Can you feel this cold breeze coming from Chillberg Island? Prepare furs and weapons for an amazing quest is waiting, full of traps and icy monsters.

What awaits you at the end of this quest? Answers to old mysteries? Ultimate reward? Tons of ice? Future will tell, it’s only a matter of time now

Get ready to face powerful and malicious creatures, said to be controlled by the Utmost Evil

If you wish to ready yourself and increase your chances to prevail before landing of these desolated shores, you should probably read the first letter of Styffen Chillberg, the self-named “Master” of the island.
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Ancient Eradicator
GodIsWithUs 29 March 2013 04:17

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Interestingly enough, a ton of the new Frigost mobs and items are already in the encyclopedia. It just requires a bit of detective work to find them.

For example, here's a mob from the new Icikle family, which will have its own level 90 dungeon (according to the key that they drop):

Click here
The Icikles lead to the Bliblis, so I guess the Icikles were an error since it is the same stats.

So what I have seen so far are:


Normal: 4- lvl 75 (water/air), lvl 78 (water), lvl 82 (water/earth), and lvl 85 (water/earth).

Bosses: 2 - lvl 95 (water) and lvl 95 (water/earth)

Polar Cracklers:

Normal: 4 Polar Cracklers- lvl 102 (water/earth) lvl 105 (water/air) lvl 108 (water) and lvl 110 (water/earth)

Boss: lvl 120 (all elements)

You can see the sets and items on the creatures, but shows no levels or stats. The bosses drop a different set than the normal mobs. The Pumglagla (lvl 95) is probably a subboss since it drops only one equipment item which is a ring.

So far there are 4 sets from only 2 families out of a minimum of 6 families (due to there being three zones with multiply families).

Just from looking around, it seems like there are three completely different areas with their own clan members: Chillberg Ice Floe, Snowbound Snowbound Village, and Harebourg Tower, with the following monster families.

Polar Cracklers: level 102-110 (dungeon: Hagen Daz's Pot)
Northern Chafers: level 105-115 (dungeon: Missiz Freezz's Manor)
Mekas: level 110-120 (dungeon: The Frozen Tower)
Brrblis: level 75-82 (dungeon: Brrbli Dungeon)
Snow Boowolves: level 90-100 (dungeon: Niche du Yech'Ti'Wawa/Boohemoth Dungeon)

Each of the mekas gets its likeness from an already existing mob. The one shown is probably the lowest level one, the tree meka. There are also crobak and sinistro mekas.
Can you link the other families? Would like to see their stats .

I would find it funny if Wakfu makes the Count Harebourg Set a pure earth set and Miss Freezz an earth set with a minor elements (fire/water) like they are doing in the Frigost III expansion for Dofus.

I was surprised Dofus made Count Harebourg a pure Earth set. That was a major shock. So nothing would surprise me now with Wakfu.
Boorin 29 March 2013 04:41
New crackles for my osa - can't wait