In order to make sure that our subscription offers match your expectations, and that everyone finds the option he wants, we just created a new poll about recurring subscriptions.

Following the adaptation of our payment options, due to the merge of EN and NA communities, the one month recurring subscription appeared on the International version of WAKFU.
While this was something new to International players, North Americans were used to have more recurring subscription options.

This brings us to the question: How do you feel about our recurring subscription offers?

Please take the time to answer this poll, in order to help us identify your needs, and maybe adapt our offers.

Thank you.
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WingedPolarBear 21 March 2013 15:11
I know it is a bit off maybe what you were asking but i think it would be awesome if there was a way to essentially stop the subscription countdown and unsub yourself for a certain amount of time. Cause some people have periods of time where they cant play or are on vacation or something and if they spent money on say a year subscription then they loose that time. This way if i know im going to be gone for three weeks i can unsub myself for that time and then come back and start the countdown again. I know it might be hard to do but it was just a thought.
Soft Crackler
Resonate 21 March 2013 15:36
It's okay to have recurring option, however ONLY if you let people have the choice to use that option or not. Recurring option should be OFF BY DEFAULT and not on so that people don't get unexpected charge when they don't want to play anymore. It's more problematic dealing with taking back a paid but unwanted payment (automated by recurring) than making another payment manually.
Lead Community Manager
[Troyle] 21 March 2013 15:45
Just to be clear, this discussion here is only to get your feelings towards recurring subscriptions.

We’re not talking about removing existing subscription options but only trying to see if it would make sense to add additional options. Should we decide to offer more recurring subscriptions,you will of course still have the choice between normal subscriptions, and recurring ones.
Seguchi-sama 21 March 2013 16:57
I don't even know what is "recurring subscription".. -__-;
MiniMikeh 21 March 2013 17:38

(Seguchi-sama @ 21 March 2013 16:57) *
I don't even know what is "recurring subscription".. -__-;
What the word implies when your sub "runs out" it will auto charge your credit card/paypal and sub you again without you having to do anything
Butterflyx 21 March 2013 18:00
Well, why are you even making this poll? It is always better to have more options than less, so just add it. Some people will surely use it, and some will not.
Also, making so many seperate servers was plain stupid. It is bad for the community.
It would be better if there were only 2 servers, European and NA. At least, there would be a lot of players online. There is plenty of space in the "WAKFU" world. French people could play mainly in Bonta, English-speaking in Amakna, German in Brakmar, and the rest in Sufokia, or something like that. I bet people would find their own way of organizing, so no one hates/flames other nations for speaking their language ONLY. Political system would be more interesting, the guilds would be much, much larger, and the PK more intensive. This solution is much better than the current one. The game would feel alive, and it would be easier to find party in low-level areas. It's not like WAKFU is WoW with 8123173817383 online players at any time.
It would be also easier to maintain and watch the servers if there were only 2 of them.
Jeais 21 March 2013 20:25
I didn't realize the three month recurring was taken away... I'm still on that, so when mine runs out, will it still automatically resub me? It's a bit frustrating that I have haven gem fragments from my recurring three month sub but not enough for a full gem and now I can only get them from the one week sub?
Seguchi-sama 21 March 2013 20:48

(MiniMikeh @ 21 March 2013 17:38) *

(Seguchi-sama @ 21 March 2013 16:57) *
I don't even know what is "recurring subscription".. -__-;
What the word implies when your sub "runs out" it will auto charge your credit card/paypal and sub you again without you having to do anything
Thank you Hack ^^

Well, i think it gonna be convenient for some people, don't count me though :'D I'd prefer usual method by some reasons. My balance is always so poor hahah.
SterlingW 21 March 2013 23:30
Why you asking suggestion on mostly subscriptions instead of the game?
Featherless Piwi
Saaril7758 22 March 2013 00:01
Ya they would great......if the could hold there word and give you the items that go with the sub. I recently purchased mine about 2 and a half weeks ago and still have not gotten half the items that were promised on the initial purchase. So ya when they can get there act together and do it right sure it would be nice but currently no, just for the simple fact of not holding up there end of the bargain.