Here comes the next Content Update! Are you ready to be the first to discover the very special World of Kwismas and fight against the newly revamped Hoodlums? Discover the many changes that have been implemented on December 18th, 2012!

Today we are providing you the list of changes implemented by the new Content Update of December 18th. So go ahead and discover all about these exciting new updates!

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Important Information

For an up-to-the-minute status of the game server through the patch deployment process, please visit the Server Status sub-forum.


It is obvious that we are going to celebrate this special event with you!

Find all the information about the World of Kwismas created just for you in a special Dev Blog and enjoy this event from December 19th to January 11th!


The Hoodlums are changing their hoods!

Their look and gameplay have been revamped due to the arrival of a new dedicated dungeon that you will find in each of the nations.

Now all 14 classes are represented amongst the Hoodlums but there will be only one "build" for each of them. Their spells have been revised accordingly and updated to match what is currently found in the game.

Finally, they have also been balanced for level 60 players, so you can find them in these areas of the world, in addition to their dungeon!


For all the nations: The Zeppelantern Dungeon (Level 60)

Accessible from the last field of each nation, this dungeon will give you a combat challenge against the Hoodlums.

One special feature of the place: You will need to make a choice between the ten rooms to discover. So expect many different paths to take, and hidden achievements... And as some may say about the Hoodlums: They are fearless; they do not forgive nor let you forget them; so you better be prepared for them.

For Brakmar and Sufokia: The Molluskies Dungeon (Level 60)

Come visIt and meet the Kraloves and other Darth Mussels in their cave. They can be found in Gnashville in Brakmar and the Steamulating Shore in Sufokia!

They will undoubtedly welcome you with not so friendly blows coming from their tentacles while whispering to you their favorite tune: "On the abandoned Mussels, Kraloves and Crustaceannnns!”

You will also receive a Wisdom bonus for confronting them, just to give you another good reason to go count grains of sand next to them!

For Sufokia: The Sharks Dungeon (Level 55)

Hungry? The Shark Dungeon in Sufokia Cradle is just what you needed! If you get too close you might see some real Jaws…

Even though the equipment available there should easily convince you to have a look, note that killing Sharks takes its toll… Up to you to find out what exactly…

For Amakna: The Cracklers Dungeon (Level 55)

Maybe you know the saying "Hitting rock bottom"? A brief stay in the Crackler Dungeon in the Holey Forest of Amakna, will make you to fully understand the meaning of it.

It seems, indeed, that Cracklers have found a good way to pass time. Are you brave enough to face the Crackler Boss and all the stones he has left behind? Who knows, some say that if you rub yourself hard enough against him, it might cause some sparks!


With luck, you may get one of the 12 new musical emotes from creatures of your nation.

There will be 3 to obtain per nations, 12 different musical emotes in total.

Do you fancy being able to play Brakmar style bass guitar, Ocarina of Sufokia, the Horn of Bonta or even the Trumpet of Amakna? It will soon be possible with these emotes, that you will be able to build a real orchestra!


A fresh new gazette celebrating the arrival of this new content update, including Kwismas and the new dungeons will be provided to you.



  • Ecaflip & Feca:
    • Die Alright & Feca Glyph: If an enemy placed on the middle cell of a Feca Glyph is hit by a CH of Die Alright, he will no longer receive the damage twice.
  • Eniripsa:
    • Massacuring Mark: Only the Eniripsa who marked the dying monster will be able to trigger the Massacuring Mark effects, in order to limit the random effect in groups with multiple Eniripsas.
    • Refund Mark: The effects will no longer apply if the Eniripsa kills the target in a single hit with the spell.
    • Transcendence: A Transcendent Eniripsa will no longer have unlimited AP and MP for one turn.
  • Pandawa:
    • Merriment: After the turn that this ability is used, the Pandawa will gain the "Worn-Out" state on the following turn.


  • "Breeze" cells: Throwing characters on "Breeze" cells will correctly lower their resists.


  • Larventura: Destruction of the cocoons will have the correct sound.


  • Hoodlums: Complete revamp. Groups have been rebalanced. The 14 classes will now be represented, and their spells will match the ones currently in game. All equipment that could be acquired on Hoodlums have been replaced by new insignias and amulets dedicated to your class, which will increase your spells level!
  • Ghouls: "Ghash" spell will only inflct penalties on the current MP, not the maximum MP.


  • Gobbalrog: Two cells slightly higher in the field could prevent the Gobbalrog from moving correctly on the map. They will be lowered to be at the same level as the others.


  • Environmental quests: An icon will now appear above your character to indicate if he won, lost, or completed a step of his environmental quest.


  • Sadida Kingdom, Kelba, Forfut, Monk Island: Environmental quests will be added to these islands. About 4 new quests to be added per island!
  • Wild Estate: A Zaap will be added to the west of the area.


  • Class Books: Will now be tradable.
  • Hoodlum Altars: The 8 class altars that could be looted on Hoodlums will now be temporarily removed. They will be implemented again in the next update, alongside the missing altars.
  • Love Mask: "Peave and Love" effect will no longer allow zombified targets to be hit severl times in a row.
  • Dark Vlad's Wooden Sword: Will no longer be breakable.


  • General: The interface gathering all emotes will be made clearer and easier to use. The display icons will also be modified: they will now all have a beige background, except for “Sit” which will keep a different color.
  • Nations secret emotes: Emotes that could be acquired in hidden chests in each nation will now also be dropped by monsters of this nation.


  • Figurines at the Ready!: The quest will now complete correctly, even if the opponent gives up.
  • Loot 'Em All: Chasa will now correctly answer when you will offer him figurines.
  • Darkness Knight: Will now be correctly added to your collection as a Darkness Knight, and not a Drop Knight.
  • Various optimisations of the server have been made.
  • Previous already implemented changes:
    • When the server shuts down, it is now not possible to start a new ranking game. However challenges are still possible.
    • Games interrupted by a server shut down no longer count in the ranking.
    • The challenge icon that was prevented the use of the chat has been fixed.
    • Some tooltips in the team interface were not correctly initialized and have been fixed.
    • The chat can now be used on the screen while waiting for your opponent.
    • Victor don Voom has been modified and is now level 5, to match the physical version.

we hope that you enjoyed this listing of the many changes that the "Content Update 1.9: Dungeons, Hoodlums and Ice" has brought to you! 


Comments (102) Comment on the forum...
stryve 13 December 2012 17:48
Nice, really happy to see some mid level content. Felt like it was a really dry spot.
BrainInAJar 13 December 2012 17:49
oh my. imonna miss the hoodlums of olde. but i am really looking forward to shark and hoodlum dungeon.
stryve 13 December 2012 17:49
Also really glad to see you guys revisited hoodlums. I really liked the concept when they were released (Love class specialized gear), and was disappointed to see they were pretty much ignored.
TaobaSanjuro 13 December 2012 17:58
SE Peeps! The last dungeon image's the same as the third. (AKA you missed the correct banner image for the Cracklers!

I am all sorts of hype regarding all these dungeons for my beautiful island nation! Woooo! And I definitely want to see this crazy Pandawa. I bet s/he'll be Earth.
BrainInAJar 13 December 2012 18:00
historically sometimes hoodlums were the off element for the class, air ecas etc.
Wushud 13 December 2012 18:00
More guides to make, excellent! >wink 
Night11155 13 December 2012 18:04
cant wait to see the new gears and the updates from wakfu-elements :3
Kardovan 13 December 2012 18:06
Is that a steel drum in the musical emote screenshot? Oh please, let there be a steel drum for Sufokia.
GodIsWithUs - Member (+) - 13 December 2012 18:07
Glad to see that Ankama is still wanting to revamp old content rather than making higher level content since our current content definitely needs more content before any higher content should be added. Hopefully Ankama adds more content to the other islands soon since lvl 1- 60 seem rather packed now with goodies smile. Hope to see a revamp to Sadida Kingdom and Kelba soon. Won't surprise me if Ankama also adds another 95-120 island before adding higher level content past 120.

Cannot wait for the Kwismas info that comes tomorrow happy.
sevenatbest 13 December 2012 18:17
the image for the crckler dungeon is the same as the shark dungeon. might wanna revise that.