From November 30th to December 25th, open the Kwismas Haven Bags of the WAKFU Advent Calendar and receive 25 ingame items. The most diligent adventurers will receive a special surprise on December 25th

WAKFU joins the Kwismas celebration and brings its share of gifts! To receive them, you only need to log on the WAKFU website every day.
Open your Kwismas Haven Bag, click, and discover your gift! You can repeat the process every day, and obtain up to 25 items!

Nothing complicated, right?

To reward your efforts, we will give you a surprise on December 25th. Getting it shouldn’t be too hard since you will only have to open every Kwismas Haven Bag

You know what that means? If you miss just a single day, the Father Whupper Insignia will pass you by!

So even if you’re on holiday at granny’s, or in the mountains skying, you’ll have to find a way to visit the website starting from November 30th 11pm GMT. Don’t miss the first day…

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Lazy Bow Meow
Deathmolly88 18 December 2012 17:51
Hiihiiii >...< meow^^ :3
Sting-Shotter 18 December 2012 18:09
i love it
sarisha4 20 December 2012 00:30
cody5 21 December 2012 14:20
Hey let's guess what the 25th will be!

On the 25th day of chrismas calendar,
my dear Ankama sent to me,
5 crossboxes!

And a firework emo-o-ote!
Lord Madgobb
microundeas 22 December 2012 00:43
Almost there  
krutaismagisters 22 December 2012 11:05
@cody5 at 25th there will be insignia.
Sting-Shotter 22 December 2012 22:26
I thought you get insignia if you open all bags, because if you go for insignia you just can wait til 25th
Lord Madgobb
microundeas 24 December 2012 00:04
one more to finish this  
Lazy Bow Meow
Deathmolly88 24 December 2012 14:01
1 day >.<
moscoman 25 December 2012 00:38
Done :]